How Not To Wear A Snapback

Posted on April 03 2020

Some people think that sun protection is the sole purpose for wearing a snapback cap. That's only partly true. You can make a real statement while wearing your snapback. But what kind of statement?

How not to wear a Snapback

A fitted baseball hat with a flat brim and an adjustable back technically defines the snapback cap. The adjustment can be made via the plastic straps containing a series of holes. You move the straps to size the hat to your head and snap them in place. Ergo the name. The two styles involved here are the somewhat fitted style or the snapback with a more boxy shape.

Wearing Your Snapback

If you have a relatively commonly shaped head, there are any variety of ways in which to wear your hat. They are as follows:

  • Angled – Halfway between forward facing and sideways is the angled style. Slightly to one side, simply slant your hat. Done!
  • Backwards – Sometimes viewed as the wrong way to wear a snapback. If you insist on wearing it backwards, so that your entire forehead is exposed, angle the brim downward.
  • Forward facing – Plain and simple, you can wear your snapback forwards, it's more or less routine. To change things up a bit, sit the cap on top of your head so that the brim is pointing skyward. Try not pushing it completely down in place.
  • For the feminine touch – Sometimes interfering with hat placement, ladies or men with long hair may have difficulty wearing snapbacks. Through the back of your hat, it's okay to thread a ponytail. Alternately, wear your hair braided to one side (as well as the hat).

How Not to Wear Your Snapback

Keep in mind that how you wear your hat is not only a matter of personal taste but simply how you prefer to wear it. What feels good? Would looks good? According to some sources, however, there are things to avoid. They are as follows:

  • Don't wear undersized or oversized caps. Most people with a head that could be considered medium-sized will be okay with a one-size-fits-all cap. Particularly when it comes to fitted caps, however, get the right size. Don't give yourself a headache with a tight cap and don't cover your eyes with one that's too big.
  • Through the sides of the cap, do not have frizzy hair, crazy curls, or flyaway hairs. You don't have to shave your head, but so as not to interfere with the look of the snapback, try to maintain a somewhat groomed hair style.
  • For a nice casual look, keep it simple. Don't get carried away with styling.
  • If you're going to wear a team logo, don't make it a team about which you know nothing. If you don't cheer for the team, at least have a little bit of knowledge regarding them. Otherwise it's just embarrassing.

Whether you decide on a two-toned snapback classic or neutral colors, or possibly a cool design on the front of a more modern choice, you're more likely to impress if you wear your snapback with confidence. Ready to purchase your new favorite cap?

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