How Has Headwear Evolved In The World of Streetwear?

Posted on April 24 2019

We all know that guy. He simply won't leave the house without his cap. Of course, it could be because his hair is thinning. But more likely than not, he is concerned about his street cred and, therefore, is vigilant regarding his streetwear. The wrong headwear could be the fashion faux pas of the century!

How Has Headwear Evolved In The World of Streetwear?

The Popularity of Hats

Today's headwear is so essential to streetwear fashion that one would almost think that going without the right headwear is like kryptonite to Superman. Are we utterly defenseless (and fashion-less) without our hats? It would seem so.

Have hats always been hip and trendy? Oddly enough, styles that used to be known as has-beens are once again in style today.

Hats Today – Art or Fashion?

The hats and caps of current day are a mixture of both art and fashion. Not only are they the perfect accessory, they can draw attention to the wearer’s face, make a major statement, hide imperfections, and more. When it comes to streetwear, headwear battles with shoes for the most important item of clothing on the list. The wrong headwear (or the wrong shoes) will take your street credit and flush it right down the sewer.

The Most Popular Hat

The snapback cap is arguably the most popular street fashion in present-day. Though this style of cap enjoyed popularity a while back, it was eventually replaced by fitted caps. However, it has recently enjoyed a resurgence. Part of the popularity that snapbacks are once again blessed with comes courtesy of popular R&B artists such as Tyga and Chris Brown. There is even a viral music video and a song about snapback caps!

Snapbacks Are Here To Stay

Once Tyga and Chris Brown brought snapbacks back, manufacturers couldn't keep up with the orders. This time around, however, the style would not be replaced – thanks to artists like Kanye West and Mac Miller casting the structured caps in their videos. Of course, it doesn't hurt that these hats boast adjustable flexibility and come at all sizes to fit mostly any head.

Also popular for their adjustability are strapbacks. The adjustable part of this hat is made, ordinarily, of either polyband or leather.

The 5-Panel Hat

The 5-panel hat has been around since the 80s. That doesn't mean, however, that it's been popular since then. In every public appearance, Tyler (famous for The Creator of Odd Future), rocked his collection of this hat style, bringing it front and center in the street fashion world.

Skateboarders prefer this cap for its indispensable “hugging” trait. When they go down, the hat does not come off. Their ego may be slightly bruised after a fall, but nowhere near the suffering that would occur if they had to limp back and pick up their hat.

This Brings Us to the Bucket Hat and the Beanie

One of the most intriguing headwear styles is very possibly the bucket hat. Even in its own category, it varies with the quintessential basic bucket hat, the bell bucket hat, and the safari boonie. Back in the 80s, you may remember seeing a red Kangol bucket hat on LL Cool J, during his debut. Even today, rapper Schoolboy Q and various hip hop stars still rock this look. Though traditionally worn by guys, women have found that this type of hat (on the right person) can complement the features of today's female rap/hip-hop artists as well.

Essentially winterwear, the “skully” – or the beanie – is undoubtedly distinctive. Though worn for obvious reasons in the winter, this knitted hat can be donned for the sake of fashion, even when the weather is more favorable. It is also popular due to its refusal to lend itself to gender specific stereotypes. Truly rebellious.

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