How Girls Can Pull off the Baseball Cap Look

Posted on February 04 2020

Do you have a favorite baseball cap you love to wear? It’s great to just grab it and go, right? Or do you end up spending an hour primping in front of the mirror to make it look “just so”? Maybe you only wear your hat when you’re having a bad hair day or when you wake up late and don’t have time to wash your hair. Don’t waste hours perfecting your look or just covering up damaged hair with a hat. There are lots of great hairstyles that look cute with a baseball hat. Pull off the baseball cap look and make it the perfect accessory to your outfit. Here’s how!

How Girls Can Pull off the Baseball Cap Look

Pigtails or Braids

Let’s face it, the older you get, the harder it is to wear pigtails or braids. But if you only wear your hair that way when wearing a hat, you’ll look more like a stylish woman who loves sports, and less like a 12-year-old girl. Be sure to add a great splash of lipstick to bring out your features.

Long and Natural

Wash your hair, let it air dry, and throw on a baseball cap. Just give it a good brushing and then leave it alone – whether it’s straight or curly, don’t do anything else with it. Don’t worry if it looks a bit messy, that way it’ll also look more casual. Frankly, most women want their hair to look a bit messy under a baseball cap, it gives them a “I’m too cool to worry about it” hair vibe.

Ponytail to the Side

Some women like the way they look when their hair is pulled back off their face. Some women hate how they look with their hair that way. If you want to try something new without making your face completely exposed, pull it to one side instead of straight back. Let some strands come undone and hang loose. You will still look amazing wearing your baseball cap.

High Ponytail

This is the easiest way to wear your hair with a baseball cap. Pull your hair back away from your face, then pull it through the snapback of your favorite hat. The opening will hold your hair in a ponytail as long as you continue wearing the hat. This hairstyle allows your hair to move and bounce but keeps it off your face and out of the way.

Fishtail Braid

Consider trying a fishtail braid down your back. It may take you a bit more time to do your hair - especially if you’ll end up covering it with a hat anyway – but it’s elegant and a big contrast to the casual feel of a hat. It’s an impressive look, too!

Hidden Top Knot

If your hair isn’t long enough for a chic braid or sassy ponytail - or if it’s dirty and you don’t want anyone to see it - pin your hair up into a bun or top knot (however you can). Then pull on your favorite cap and cover it all up. This also works when the weather is hot, and you don’t want your hair hanging down your back or on your neck. This is the perfect way to keep your hair completely covered.

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