Head-wear Collector Duties to Fulfill

Posted on June 05 2019

If you are a headwear collector, there is no shortage of hats, caps, or beanies in your closet. But as a cap aficionado, you have certain duties to fulfill – let's face it! You want to be the best cap collector you can be, after all. Don't you?

So, what are these duties that we speak of? Glad you asked. We are going to suggest four easy-to-keep rules to follow that will help you better care for and add to those beloved hat collections.

Head-wear Collector Duties to Fulfill

Never Grow Up

Whereas we don't suggest you apply the rules of Neverland to everyday life, it's okay to still identify with your inner child when it comes to hats. After all, age is just a number. Recall the days of your youth by wearing hats that identify with NBA greats from when you were a kid. This can be reflected in your other apparel as well, from retro-inspired jackets to Mitchell & Ness NBA jerseys, and more.

Revel in Your Singularity

Sure, everybody might be wearing 59FIFTYs or snapbacks or what have you, but that doesn't mean that you can't be unique while wearing one. Get your favorite player’s signature stitched onto a team cap to spruce it up a bit. Have some new resolutions embroidered on your best cap. Whichever way you choose to do so, show off the personality that makes you stand out in a crowd.

No More Gettin’ Down and Dirty

At least not when it comes to your cap. On much the same lines that dictate perfectly white sneakers as the proper foot attire for street wear, your hat should be clean. Headliners can be purchased that allow you to keep a nice smelling, relatively clean hat throughout every season. They keep your hat fresh by absorbing sweat. There are methods by which you can clean your older, soiled caps. Once you do so, keep them fresher longer by using headliners.

Time to Get Organized

As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, it is very likely, if you are a serious collector of hats that they have not only taken over your closet but can be found in various parts of the house, garage, car, truck, etc. The closet is a good place to start your new method of organization. Invest in cap racks or devise some other imaginative idea. There are several styles of cap racks available. Some dangle from hangers with clips holding onto the bills of the caps. Others are more stackable and have an over-the-door hook on them. There are also wall-mount racks. Best practice dictates that, at all times, your favorite caps should be within quick, easy reach.

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