Hat Storage Tips For Your Favorite Caps

Posted on November 04 2020

There is definitely a wrong way and a right way to store all the hats you've collected. Whether you’ve been adding to that collection for years or are new to hat wearing, you may think that hat storage is no big deal. Take off your Fedora and, when it's not in use, fling it on the shelf. Most people wouldn't even give a second thought to the storing of a baseball cap. The nearest desk, table, couch, or chair is where it usually ends up once it comes off their head.

Hat Storage Tips For Your Favorite Caps

Clearly, if these are scenarios in your home, you could use some major hat storage tips because – truth be told – those are not good hat storage practices. While relatively sturdy caps, such as baseball caps, don't need a lot of attention, crushable hats require very specific care. Keep your hats in shape and clean by storing them properly.

The following tips are effective and simple and will, when you're not wearing your hats, help you to properly stow them away.

Hat Boxes

Hat boxes are excellent storage methods. To keep your hat’s structure intact and avoid dust, it's a surefire method.

  • Fedoras, derby hats, cowboy hats, and baseball hats "nest” well.
  • For quicker identification as to their contents, label boxes.
  • As long as there is a lid on a box, it doesn't have to be in the traditional round shape to store hats.
  • You should give a hat its own box if it's fragile or has delicate embellishments like appliqués.
  • Put the heaviest hats at the bottom if you store more than one hat in a box.
  • You'll get misshapen hats if you try to store different hats together by forcing them to fit into each other or nesting hats with different shapes.
  • Want to save space by storing multiple hats together? Take your largest hat and get a box that is suitable for it so that inside, you can nest other hats similarly shaped.
  • To preserve the shape of the hat, always place it with the brim up and the crown down (upside down). The reason for this is that the crown of the hat is sturdier than its brim. Hat flattening will result if you store it with the brim down.

Organizers or Storage Bins

This method is similar to hat boxes in that you will have to go through some effort to store and retrieve your hats with the bin option. But it keeps your hats safe and clean.

  • It's okay to take similarly shaped hats and nest them upside down.
  • Choose flatter organizers for easy storage under the bed.
  • Organizing and storing hats is easier with closet organizers than simply throwing them on shelves.
  • Inside your closet, over-the-door-hooks keep hanging organizers (with compartments) in place and provide easy access.
  • If storing hats in dresser drawers, use drawer dividers.

Coat Racks and Wall Hooks

This is a prime example of an easy space-saving storage solution that allows you fast access (as opposed to having boxes stacked in a closet).

  • Soft hats like canvas hats and baseball caps are perfect for storage on wall hooks.
  • For less focused, more balanced pressure on the crown, go with hat hooks like those typically found on coat racks – with wide, curved tips. Pointy, sharp hooks may ruin the shape of the crown and stretch your hat.
Now that you know how to properly store your hats, it's time to add to your collection. At Hat Heaven, we have a wide selection of hats with sports logos, cartoon characters, catchy sayings, or no patches/logos whatsoever. Find your favorite style of cap, purchase from a collection by one of our well-known manufacturers, and you're on your way. Shop Hat Heaven today for your new favorite hat.


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