Hat Angles Do Matter

Posted on October 14 2019

Baseball style caps are worn by all sorts of people today. There are more styles now than ever before. They come without logos, with logos, with catchy sayings, and more. You can find a hat in almost every color of the spectrum. If you've noticed that baseball caps are worn more and more, you may also have noticed that they’re being worn at various hat angles. What is the significance of the angle of your hat? Is there a significance?

The following is a guide to the importance and significance of hat angles.

Hat Angles Do Matter

Changing The Norm

Once upon a time, everybody agreed there was basically one way to wear a hat and when to wear them. If you were walking outdoors, you put a hat on. If you met a woman while walking down the street, you tipped your hat. They faced in one direction – forward. Changing hats forever, however, would be the invention of the baseball cap.

Today, around the heads of numerous Americans spins the securely worn baseball cap. Donned at every angle imaginable, the way you wear your cap could have a history behind it and its own secret meaning. Is there a code of sorts when it comes to hat angles? Take a look at the following to find out.

Hat Angles by Degrees

We're going to look at hat angles expressed by degrees: i.e., 45°, 90°, and so on. To help you picture the look, we may include celebrities who wear their hat at the specific angle stated and what, if anything, the look was meant to achieve or signify.

Justin Bieber

The 270° angle of Justin Bieber's hat looks perfectly at home in California behind the wheel of a speeding Ferrari. You rich rebel you.

The Fresh Prince

The 225° angle of the hat worn by the Fresh Prince is an emotional statement. Even though the wearer of this cap may be under extreme emotional distress, it is the picture of composed calmness. "My heart is breaking but I'm too cool for school."

The Thug

We’re not naming names – just any thug will do. Variations of this term might be chump, clown, or punk. You're sending a message to the world with this retrograde 180° angle hat style signal. You do not care for the standards or conventions of "the system". Unfortunately, Mr. Backwards Hat Guy, it may be hard for anyone to take you seriously.

NIT Winners

Signifying victory, this 135° style has been made relatively famous by those having just won the NIT.

Flavor Flav

The 90° hat angle worn by Flavor Flav is worn precisely to the right. When worn perfectly and correctly, it calls up pictures of a hip-hop guy or a hype guy the likes of T-Pain, Fatman Scoop, Proof, Tony Touch, Kid Capri, Sean Combs, and more.

The Fresh Prince Again

Less emotional, and more on a normal level, this particular angle worn by the Fresh Prince is barely at 45° or less. This hat tilt can be worn by anybody with youthful enthusiasm looking for fun.

Peyton Manning

This straight ahead, 0° angle-less style is worn by those attempting a pro’s pose. Peyton Manning can be seen with this no-nonsense style. In all of human existence, a hat was never worn straighter!

Accidentally on Purpose

This last look is what you might expect to see if someone wearing a baseball cap were hit in the face by a rubber ball. The 315° angle looks like an accident but is actually done on purpose. Don't rush to the guy’s aid if he's wearing his hat this way, just hand him a beer.

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