Great Ways To Style Your Baseball Cap

Posted on April 03 2020

It can be more difficult than one might imagine, choosing a favorite baseball cap, despite the fact that they’re pretty simple accessories. But you want to wear a cap that complements your overall look, genuinely highlights your style, and fits like the Goldilocks fairytale – just right. Two factors weigh most heavily: matching your everyday wardrobe with your hat and identifying the shape of your face.

How do you make a true fashion statement with your baseball cap?


Great Ways To Style Your Baseball Cap

How Is Your Baseball Cap Knowledge?

Stars like Brooklyn Excelsior's Jim Creighton and Candy Cummings first wore the caps that today's baseball caps are modeled after. These 1840s amateur baseball team members could never have known that two centuries later, the caps they had on their heads would become iconic. Today, baseball caps are worn for leisure, to work, to functions, and just around the house. They are an important factor in the modern wardrobe of fashion beasts and hip-hop artists alike.

Best Rule of Thumb

The basics of cap wearing, particularly when you're just not sure which look will work best, consist of grays, whites, blues, and blacks – monochromes. The reason being that they are great blenders with both smart casual clothing and workwear.

Pair a plain shirt and chinos with a black or white baseball cap for a chic, flawless look. You'll be well on your way to a classic dresser when you complete the look with a clean-cut denim jacket in the same range of color.

Dressing Up?

Who would ever think of wearing a baseball cap with a blazer? Lots of people! With a little versatility and creativity, you can pull off this tricky combination.

You're basically going casual when you don a baseball cap. To give it a more mature flare, however, combine it with a pair of jeans and throw on a blazer and nice shirt. This particular ensemble can be thoroughly completed with a black or gray cap.

Lots of Materials to Play With

Polyester and cotton mixes, or cotton itself, are used to make most baseball caps. They are not, however, the only options. With a few additions such as denim, corduroy, and leather, you can spice up your look and your collection.

Let your headwear take center stage and keep your outfit low-key if you want to make a real fashion statement.

Regardless of Your Choice…

The headgear you wear speaks volumes about your sense of style and your personality, whether you're wearing monochromatic classic, something stylish, a beat-up dad cap, a trucker hat, or something else.

Is there a secret to donning a baseball cap successfully, however? To look utterly outstanding, make sure of the following:

  • Feel confident in your choice and in your look
  • Make sure that your headgear and your outfit blend well

Hat Heaven Has The Perfect Baseball Cap

Hats with sports logos, clever or catchy sayings, cartoon characters, or no outer design or distinction whatsoever – lots of caps make up this world. With all the styles of caps and numerous manufacturers, the choices are virtually limitless.

At Hat Heaven, we can help you achieve the look you're going for – regardless of hairstyle, gender, or the type of music you listen to. Make a fashion statement, blend into the background, or just go for a comfortable but classy feel. Shop at Hat Heaven today for your new favorite baseball cap!


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