Golden Rules Of Wearing Baseball Caps

Posted on February 04 2020

Baseball caps may seem like kind of an "anything goes" fashion statement, but there are (somewhat surprisingly) some do's and don'ts where the wearing of baseball caps is concerned. Here, we'll refer to them as the Golden Rules of Wearing Baseball Caps.

Specifically, we will look at five areas of concern for the baseball cap wearing man or woman of today.

What About That Sticker?

Possibly you've noticed, on the bill of your cap, a sticker. Technically, it should be removed. We know, you want to tell us that we just don't understand. Branding, culture, and style designate the sticker’s true place on the bill of your cap. But we do understand. Here's what – if you like the sticker that much, put it on your notebook, your bulletin board, in the corner of your mirror – wherever you like. Just not on the bill of your cap.

Man holding guide with title golden rules.

Sizing Your Hat

It's just not that difficult – wear a hat that fits. Please! We know… wearing a hat several sizes too large seems to be a trend today. But after a certain stage of life, it's time to mature. Hat companies offer numerous ways for the hat wearing public to acquire hats that fit. Wear a fitted cap of a particular size or go with the snapback, which fits just about anybody. We’re not even going to broach the subject of oversized pants here!

Straightforward – Face the Front!

What exactly are you trying to say with that bill facing to the side or your hat at a sharp angle? You're a big fan of geometry? You're a little off center? The bill on that baseball cap was created to keep the sun out of your eyes, not off your right ear. Yes, some celebrities insist on doing this. Unless you're one of them, try to wear your hat like a grown-up, with the bill facing forward.

Should the Bill Be Flat?

The "flat biller" is a member of a societal subset.

Attention flat billers: It's not going to hurt you, so don't be afraid, just give that bill a little bit of a bend. Check out the baseball players. They condition (or beak in) their gloves in a certain manner. The same can be said for the bill on their caps. You never know, when you bend it that sticker might loosen up a little bit as well!

The Wearing of Team Caps

Have you ever known someone to wear a team cap for the sole reason of liking the emblem or the hat itself – not necessarily the team? It happens! This is unacceptable. If you're going to wear a hat that represents a specific team, at least be a fan of the team you're wearing. You don't have to be particularly knowledgeable in the sport, as long as you cheer for the team.

Not everyone will agree with these do’s and don'ts, or the Golden Rules of Wearing a Baseball Cap, but that's okay. Believe what you will. Just take the sticker off that hat!

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