Getting Your Kid To Feel Comfortable With Wearing Caps

Posted on October 11 2020

If you're trying to get your child accustomed to doing just about anything, one of the most important things is to start early. That is particularly applicable when it comes to wearing caps. Putting hats on your child as a baby will better prepare them for hat and cap wearing – with as little fuss and muss as possible – later in life.

Schoolboy Idds Paint Cute Image

Truth be told, hats for babies are an excellent idea anyways. They offer protection for their delicate skin against harmful UV rays. In order to create a child who doesn't mind plopping a hat on their head, it takes a bit of luck, patience, and work. Done right, however, you may end up raising a hat loving child who prefers a selection/collection of headwear.

Hats for Babies

Keep in mind when purchasing hats for your baby that they will outgrow them in a matter of months. Don't spend a lot of money on any one of these hats or caps. Whatever you can, get them secondhand or on sale. Your child may feel better about wearing one type of hat than another one, so try to stay tuned in to their reactions.

Be Persistent

Any experienced parent knows that persistency is a major factor when it comes to teaching your child just about anything. The more persistent you are, the greater your chance for success.

Make Hat Shopping A Participatory Event

If you take your child hat shopping with you, and let them participate in the decision-making process, you will have better luck getting them to wear their hat.

"All the Kids Are Doing It"

You're going to hear this from your child on more than one occasion. So, it's only fair that you get to use it on them! If your child finds out that the other kids are wearing caps, they are more likely to want to wear one as well. Of course, if none of the kids in the neighborhood are wearing hats, this could be a problem. But chances are, at least baseball caps are worn by a number of kids at school.

So Many Hats to Choose From

Just like there are different varieties of jackets, shirts, dresses, etc., there's more than one kind of hat out there. One of the most versatile, of course, is a baseball cap. It can be worn for numerous types of events or occasions, or for no good reason whatsoever. Designs on baseball caps can range from nothing at all to cute cartoon characters, sports insignias, fun sayings, and more.

Secret Tricks

Of course, it won’t be secret anymore, but one of the lesser-known tips we'd like to offer you today is the use of trainer hats such as pageboy caps. Both boys and girls look adorable when wearing one of these caps.

Additionally, keeping the child distracted when you're putting on their hat is important. The less a child realizes they're getting a hat put on their head, the less likely they are to fuss about it.

One way of keeping a child distracted is when you arrive at a particular location. Your kid wants to run out of that car and start exploring. While looking forward to all the sounds, colors, and sites they’re about to behold, this is a great time to plop a hat on their head. They just want to get out and get going. They may worry less about what you’re doing.

Hat Heaven carries baseball caps for kids. Have several on hand that match with mom or dad and you may not even have to ask your child to put on a hat. They'll just do it because they think it's fun or cool.


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