Differentiating A Dad Hat From A Snapback

Posted on December 06 2020

For anyone familiar with baseball caps, they are likely no stranger to the terms dad hat and snapback. Granted, they are both types of baseball caps. But they have distinct differences in shape and style that make them more desirable by certain individuals and for various occasions.

In the most simplistic terms, here are some specifics:

A loose fitting, five panel cap, the dad hat very closely resembles your basic baseball cap (which does not typically have five panels). A metal closure also makes the dad hat different from a baseball cap which routinely includes a Velcro closure.

Differentiating A Dad Hat From A Snapback

With a wide, flat brim, the snapback is referred to as a six-panel cap. On the back of the hat, you will find an adjustable snap strap (as opposed to a solid back on fitted caps). This adjustable strap means that it's going to fit pretty much anyone. Youngsters with style were the first to don this iconic hat. A sticker on the peak designates true snapback hats. Specific stickers are created by fashion brands.

Now let's look at more specifics…


Considered vintage caps, dad hats, not surprisingly, are the hats your dad used to wear. It fits almost everyone and remains a never-ending trend.

Better known on the baseball field, snapbacks have now been adopted by the electronic dance music (EDM) scene, after being extremely popular in the hip-hop scene. The print on your cap, and the cap Itself, must be highly visible if you wear a snapback, for it to be worn appropriately.


It is an absolute must for your snapback to have a sticker. The snapback's authenticity is indicated by official merchandise essentials stickers. Whereas, your dad had may well have a sticker, it is not as essential to the cap itself.


As mentioned above, both of these caps fit relatively everyone, having adjustable closures on each of them. However, the metallic closure on the dad hat differentiates it from the plastic, snapping strap across the back of the snapback.


On a snapback, the front panel is hard and pre-shaped. This makes it highly visible.

On the dad hat, the panel is not pre-shaped and remains soft.


A pre-shaped, round brim differentiates the dad hat from a snapback’s brim, which is flat.


There is a distinct difference in the look of each of these hats involving angles. On the snapback, between the brim and the cap, there is nearly a 90° angle. So, again, this accentuates the visibility of the snapback's front panel.

There is a more obtuse angle on the dad hat. Unlike the snapback, it doesn't have the appearance of being a particularly "big" cap.

It All Comes Down to Design

The "in-your-face" design is typical with the snapback.

Frequently including detailed embroidery designs, dad hats tend to be more subtle.

Dad Hats, Snapbacks – It Matters Not

Whether you’re looking for a dad hat or prefer the snapback, we've got you covered. Cheer on your favorite sports team, have fun with a likable cartoon character, or choose a hat with no embroidery or logo at all. With numerous styles, colors, and more to choose from, your go-to, one-stop shopping site should be Hat Heaven.


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