Did You Enjoy The 2019 MLB All-Star Game?

Posted on January 08 2020

If you are a baseball fan and enjoyed the 2019 MLB All-Star Game, you might want to know little bit of history about the big game.

In 1933, the Chicago Tribune publisher was approached by then Chicago Mayor Edward J. Kelly, who was looking for ideas for sporting events. In the midst of the Great Depression, a morale boost was needed, so an idea was pitched by Art Ward, the paper's sports editor. What if, in a friendly game of baseball, the best athletes of the game all played together? The athletes would be chosen by fan votes. Making the prospect even more enticing was the idea that former players afflicted with physical disabilities would receive, from charities, the money from the game’s ticket sales.

So Begins a Tradition

In Chicago Kaminski Park, in July 1933, the "Game of the Century" was played. This would mark the beginning of the “Midsummer Classic”. Featured in this Brooklyn classic, and making history in 1949, African-American players would be featured for the first time. Big names in this game included Larry Doby, Don Newcombe, Roy Campanella, and Jackie Robinson. In attendance were 32,577 fans at Ebbets Field.

The first game to be hosted somewhere other than the United States took place in Montréal, Quebec, at Olympic Stadium. This All-Star game was played in 1982. The National League's 4 to 1 victory took place, in part, thanks to Hall of Famers Tim Raines and Gary Carter.Did You Enjoy The 2019 MLB All Star Game

Fenway Park Sees Another Midsummer Classic

Throwing the first ceremonial pitch at Fenway Park in 1999's Midsummer Classic, Red Sox legend Ted Williams took the stage.

In true All-Star fashion, the first pitcher, MVP Pedro Martinez, struck out the opposing side. By a score of 4 to 1, the American League emerged victorious. That year’s Home Run Derby was equally as significant thanks to 16 homeruns batted by Ken Griffey, Jr.

The Original Yankee Stadium

For the last time ever, the Yankees would host an All-Star game in their original stadium in 2008. In the seventh inning, a game-tying two-run-homer would be hit by J.D. Drew, a Red Sox outfielder. After a 4 to 3 American League win, which took an astounding 15 innings, he would be named MVP.

Fun Facts

The National League has been victorious in 43 All-Star games.

The American League has 45 All-Star victories under their belts.

The pennant winner with the best record in the regular season determines home-field advantage.

Though Bryce Harper's name appeared all over game All Star banners in 2019, he is not actually an All-Star.

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