Determining Your Ideal Flexfit Cap Size

Posted on August 07 2019

A real mainstay of durability and comfort, the flexfit hat has been in existence for more than two decades. The moment you slide one on, you'll feel the quality because a zero defect manufacturing process has been maintained by this cap. That's impressive!

But how does one determine their flexfit cap size? Let's find out more about this popular choice of hat.Determining Your Ideal Flexfit Cap Size

Who's Wearing It?

Today's flexfit cap is worn with casual confidence by musicians, actors, athletes, and more. If, when a guy steps outside, he wants to look his best, more and more are choosing to slap on a flexfit cap. He knows he can look fresh at work or at play, on a date or playing sports, with this versatile cotton hat.

Best of all, these hats aren't just for the male persuasion anymore. Girls and women are donning these caps on a frequent basis… and rocking them!

But a dilemma exists – how do you fit your flexfit? Hat sizes are spread out from XXL down to Youth – and sizing is critical. If you want the perfect fit, pay attention to the following tips.

Determining Hat Size for Your Flexfit

Somewhere in your home, you probably have a soft measuring tape. You'll need that. Above your ears, by about 1/8 of an inch, position one end of the loop. Through the middle of your forehead, keeping the line straight, wrap the loop around your head. Got your loop? Take that measurement and check out a sizing chart. Sizing charts are usually available when you click on a certain choice of cap on your favorite hat selling website. Click here for an example.

Note: Skew to the larger if you are between sizes.

How Should My New Cap Fit?

Your hat should go through the middle of your forehead and sit nicely above your ears, which is why you measured at that precise location. Part of the beauty of this hat is the fact that it should never feel tight, but always fit snugly.

Should The Bill Be Shaped?

The shape of a hat’s bill is relatively unique to the wearer. The classic curved look is preferred by many, but each person should wear their hats in whatever way they feel makes them look their best. If the bill is already curved, and you want it flat, follow these steps:

  • On any hard surface, place your hat.
  • Dampen the bill lightly with a mist of hot water from a spray bottle.
  • Over the bill, set any relatively heavy object.
  • Now leave it alone until it is completely dry.

If, on the other hand, the bill is straight and you want it curved, follow these instructions:

  • Once again, you'll get the bill of your cap lightly moist.
  • To the desired shape, use your hands to curve the bill.
  • Once shaped, to maintain the shape you want, put the bill inside of anything from a deep soup bowl to a coffee cup.
  • Now walk away – leave it alone until it is completely dry.
Hat Heaven understands that the advantage to flexfit caps is that they are totally customizable. They give an elevated, sharper look to your personal brand at special events, business functions, and more. Check out our impressive inventory today!


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