College Spotlight: University Of Michigan

Posted on January 08 2020

You have to be careful what you say to a University of Michigan fan! Over the years, they've had plenty to cheer about, and they simply will not stand for anyone taking away from that. You just don't talk smack about the University or any one of their teams. As a matter of fact, considered nothing short of sacred ground, is The Big House.

You would never suggest to them, as an example, that their revered coach Bo Schembechler is actually a Buckeye by birthright. He cut his teeth, of all places, at Ohio State! The horror!

Michigan itself is home to major-league professional sports teams numbering no less than four, many of their players having honed their trade at the University. Yes, University of Michigan fans are a proud bunch. Let's take a look at a little history behind this sports-minded college and some of its teams.


That's all… Just Michigan. That's how many refer to the University of Michigan. You may also hear or see UMich, U of M, U-M, or UM. Currently located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it is a public research university, and one of the United States’ most famous, at that. Founded in Detroit, in 1817, it is Michigan's oldest university. In 1837, it was moved to Ann Arbor. Today’s Central Campus covers approximately 40 acres.

College Spotlight University Of Michigan

UM Sports

Michigan teams consist of football, men's basketball, men's ice hockey, women's volleyball, men's gymnastics, and men's arm wrestling, as well as tennis, soccer, boxing, volleyball, and rugby. That's a lot of sports!

Collectively referred to as the Wolverines, and competing in the NCAA’s Division I, the athletic teams of Michigan are Big Ten conference members. Winning more than 150 medals, and participating in Olympic events, were more than 250 coaches or athletes from this university.

Specifically, in the Olympics, no fewer than 151 metals have been won. These metals include the following:

  • 40 bronze medals
  • 39 silver medals
  • 72 gold medals

School colors consist of blue and maize, and "The Victors" is the fight song of the University of Michigan. Numerous events, including the University's sporting events, have and continue to use the song. In fact, replacing "Hail to the Chief", the more traditional choice, during his 1974 to 1977 term, President Gerald Ford preferred "The Victors". The song is also used during ceremonies like graduation commencement.

Well-Known Alumni

There are any number of famous (or, at least, big names in sports) alumni from MU including the following:

  • Charles Woodson – NFL and Heisman Trophy winner
  • Michael Phelps – Olympic swimmer and gold medalist
  • Desmond Howard – NFL and Heisman Trophy winner
  • Drew Henson – MLB and NFL
  • Charlie Gehringer – MLB Hall of Fame
  • Tom Brady – NFL
  • Chris Weber – NBA and TV analyst
  • Malivai Washington – 1996 Wimbledon runner-up
  • Stacy Thomas – WNBA
  • Max Pacioretty – NHL
  • Micki King – Olympic Hall of Fame and gold medal winner

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