College Spotlight: University of Florida

Posted on November 05 2019

One of the most unique colleges around is the University of Florida. What makes them so special? For one thing, their school spirit. Florida gators fans are always proud – win or lose. There's always something happening on campus. The place is unmistakably filled with life!

Best known for its dedication to excellence in research and education, the University of Florida strives to shape its students for a better Florida future – as well as for the future of the world and the nation. Built on a land grant foundation, it is a top 10 comprehensive learning institution.

With a current 5000-person faculty and a 2017 total of 52,367 students, UF was originally founded back in 1905 from several district institutions.

Are you considering attending the University of Florida? Here are some things you might want to know.


College Spotlight: University of Florida

The Use of RA's

For every residence hall, on every floor, you will find at least one resident assistant or RA. They are not there to tell you what to do. They are there to make you feel more at home, help you if you get locked out, make sure you don't burn the place down, etc.

Start School Early

There is something called "Summer B" at UF. Familiarize yourself with the campus, take an easy GEN Ed class, but still enjoy summer. It's kind of summer camp on a college level.

Crowds of Sweaty Students

Before a home game, from 8 AM to 12 PM on game day, it's party time during tailgate season! Help cheer on the Gators with your blue and orange.

Speaking of sweaty students, doing laundry on campus will cost a $1.50 for each washer load/dryer load. That is, if you live in a dorm.

Navigating The Campus

Be prepared for a lot of walking. It's a huge campus even though everything is pretty close together. Use a scooter or bike if you're not going to live close to campus. Make sure you have a good lock and lock everything from the tires to the frame. This is actually better than a car because there's not a lot of car parking available. There is also an RTS bus available.

Planning Your Meals

If you’re trying to save time and effort, you may wish to use the meal plan. Whether or not it's worth the money is up for grabs. You may be able to save more if you are very budget conscious with your grocery shopping. Try it before you buy it (the food). Ask around.

Do You Need an Advisor?

You may not need an advisor if you do some really great research first. Figure out what classes you need to graduate, read your degree audit, discover how to find classes for your minor or your major, read the course catalog – it can be done without an advisor if you so choose. 

Florida Swamps

Always carry an umbrella. Gainesville, where UF is located, is frequently referred to as Rainsville. It can get muggy and wet even though it's the sunshine state. Remember, as well, that swamps have gators. Leave them alone and they'll probably leave you alone.

Playtime Versus Study Time

Naturally, it depends on how hard the courses are that you are taking, but you will need to work. On the other hand, UF does know how to party. Put yourself out there and get acquainted with your fellow students. As much studying as there is to be done, there is also a lot of socializing to be enjoyed.

Remember that Gainesville is a small town. It's not Orlando, or New York, or Miami. The small town atmosphere might take some getting used to, but the university still has everything you'll need.

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