College Spotlight: University Of Alabama Crimson Tide

Posted on September 11 2019

Competing as a member of the Southeastern Conference in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide refers to the 21 women and men varsity teams representing the University of Alabama. (This does not apply to rowing which is a Big 12 Conference competitor.) Alabama was rated number 26 best collegiate sports program in America by Sports Illustrated in 2002.

Let's go on to find out more about the amazing Alabama Crimson Tide.


College Spotlight: University Of Alabama Crimson Tide


The Alabama Campus

The campus has athletic facilities including the following:

  • Alabama Tennis Stadium
  • Alabama Aquatic Center
  • Ol’ Colony Golf Complex
  • Sam Bailey Track Stadium
  • Alabama Soccer Stadium
  • Sewell-Thomas Stadium
  • Foster Auditorium
  • Coleman Coliseum with 15,315+ seats
  • Named after former University president George Denny and football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, seating 101,820+, Bryant-Denny Stadium

Introducing the Crimson Tide

On a Friday afternoon, in Birmingham, the first game played by the Alabama football team took place at the old Lakeview Park in 1892. They won by a score of 56-0, though it is said that the rival team consisted mostly of players at a high school level. Unfortunately, they lost 5-4 against the Birmingham Athletic Club the very next day.

For a while, due to an 1896 ruling, the football team (and other athletic teams) was forbidden to travel off campus for games. After only one game being played in 1888, Alabama abandoned football. The ban was lifted in 1899 and football resumed.

A former sports editor of the Birmingham-Age Harold, Hugh Roberts, has received credit for the term "Crimson Tide". Used to describe the 1907 Birmingham located Iron Bowl, the article made no secret that Auburn was a heavy favorite to win over Alabama. Turns out, heroic efforts by Alabama held Auburn to a 6-6 tie. The name actually comes from the fact that because the game was played in a sea of red mud, the white jerseys of Alabama were stained a crimson color.

Reportedly, until then, the team had been known as The Crimson White.

Starting in 1922, the Crimson Tide began to truly assert themselves and cement their place in college football history – including a 1925 undefeated season. With a come-from-behind victory score of 20-19 in the Rose Bowl of 1926, Alabama beat the University of Washington.

Best Players Ever!

Alabama Crimson Tide has created any number of amazing football sensations. Some of the best old-school players in their history are listed as follows (in no particular order):

  • FB Johnny Cain
  • HB Dixie Howell
  • OT Don Whitmire
  • C Vaughn Mancha
  • T Billy Neighbors
  • QB Riley Smith
  • HB Joe Kilgrow
  • WR Dennis Homan
  • HB Johnny Mack Brown
  • QB Pooley Hubert
  • QB Pat Trammell
  • HP Johnny Musso
  • QB/DB Harry Gilmer
  • WR Don Hutson
  • LB Lee Roy Jordan

Every NFL Team Has A Former Crimson Tide Player!

Well, almost…

Nowhere on their roster, active or otherwise, do the following NFL teams have a former Alabama player (we list teams that don't because the list is much shorter than teams who do):

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Denver Broncos
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Carolina Panthers

Star NFL Players from Crimson Tide

When it comes to the NFL Hall of Fame, no less than seven Crimson Tide players are included. The following are 10 of the greatest NFL players to come from Crimson Tide:

  • WR Don Hudson
  • QB Bart Starr
  • QB Joe Namath
  • OT John Hannah
  • TE Ozzie Newsome
  • C Dwight Stephenson
  • QB Kenny Stabler
  • LB Derrick Thomas
  • LB Lee Roy Jordan
  • LB Cornelius Bennett

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