College Spotlight: LSU Tigers Varsity

Posted on February 04 2020

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, LSU (Louisiana State University) is a public University consisting of more than 250 buildings across 650 acres on the banks of the Mississippi River. The University was founded in 1853. LSU Tigers Varsity has helped to make this university a well-known sports powerhouse with approximately 25,000 students.

College Spotlight LSU Tigers Varsity

Famous Alumni

There is a long list of famous Americans who have graduated from LSU. Just a few of them are as follows: 

  • Hubert H. Humphrey, Vice President of the United States from 1965 to 1968 and Minnesota Senator from 1949 to 1964, and then again from 1971 to 1978
  • Political commentator James Carville
  • Professional basketball player “Pistol” Pete Maravich
  • Movie actress Joanne Woodward (married to Paul Newman)
  • Basketball great Shaquille O’Neal
  • Professional football player Odell Beckham, Jr.
  • Political analyst, DNC President
  • News broadcaster Donna Brazile
  • The 2019 Heisman trophy winner, Joe Burrow.

LSU Varsity Sports

LSU Tigers varsity sports teams are as varied as the alumni. The University has both men’s and women’s basketball, swimming + diving, gymnastics, tennis, baseball, track and field, and many more. The Athletics Department hosts a total of 21 varsity sports – 12 sports for women and nine sports for men. As a matter of fact, about the only varsity sport that women students don’t play is football – yet. The school is a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The Varsity Mascot

Louisiana State University varsity teams are nicknamed the Tigers and Lady Tigers. Mike the Tiger represents the school as its mascot. Unbelievably, a live Bengal tiger is kept at the school to represent them and LSU is only one of two colleges in the US to own a live tiger. The other school is the University of Memphis. The tiger is named after LSU’s athletic trainer, Mike Chambers, who was there in 1936.

The school colors are gold and purple. The LSU Tigers varsity teams have won 48 National Championships across all sports and the most recent one was in 2019 for football. In 2003 and 2007, they also won football championships.

Fans of LSU Sports

People who love the LSU Tigers, both past and present, will argue over who they think is the best player of all time. Is it Shaquille O’Neal? Pete Maravich? What about JaMarcus Russell or Jon Burrow? Then there’s Odell Beckham, and NFL players Ryan Clark, Kwon Alexander, and Matt Flynn. The Tigers were, and are, both a football and basketball powerhouse. There is as least one athlete and/or sport to love for everyone.

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