Choosing A Hat As A Gift

Posted on May 07 2021

Before we launch into giving hats as gifts, let's clarify something… Here, we will cover giving hats as gifts to men. Not that women don't like hats. In fact, some women absolutely adore their hats. But today, we are just going to cover hats for men. Possibly at a later date, we will explore the numerous possibilities involved where giving hats as gifts to women is concerned. Now, moving forward…


When it comes to gifts for men and boys, hats top the list, particularly during the holiday shopping season. They’re practical yet unique, and usually prompt a bigger smile than a pair of socks. Before purchasing a hat, however, there is some definite thought that must go into your choice. You want your gift to be satisfying to and treasured by the recipient.

Here are some tips for choosing hats as gifts for men.

Think About His Lifestyle and Occupation

Now is the time to think about what the man you're buying for does for a living and his general lifestyle. Is he a college student? A business professional? You might want to stay away from a hat that he's only going to wear for certain occasions, because you want him to get the most out of his gift. Think about his work attire and find something to blend well with that. If he is a construction worker, for example, unless he goes out on a regular basis to fancy events, you might not want to go with a fedora.

If your man is a huge sports fan, or spends a lot of time outdoors, you might want to consider picking up a baseball cap that has the logo of his favorite team. He'll be able to wear it next time he goes to a game, watches the game at home, or just about any other time he wants.

What Is the Shape of His Face?

No matter how attractive a man may be, he may not have the right face for the hat you're considering. Picture the shape of his face before buying him the gift of a hat. Does he have a prominent jawline? Rounded chin? Wide cheekbones? The way a hat looks on a man's head will be affected by his facial attributes.

You might want to pick a hat that softens his features if he has a square shaped face. To give a man's face a curvier look, styles such as flat caps make a good choice. A hat that conceals the forehead, or a wide brimmed hat, would look good on a man with an oblong face. Also for a man with a more oblong face, excellent hat choices can include derbies, homburgs, and fedoras.

Where Will He Spend Most of His Time?

Here, we are talking about the location at which he lives. In different regions popularity may vary, though there are hats that never go out of style. But, depending on where he lives, fashion trends may differ. The climate and locale can perpetuate some of these differences.

For example, three of the most fashion savvy areas in America are Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. Here, more time is spent on clothing, so upscale and formal hats are seen a lot. A nice holiday gift for someone living in one of these areas could be a decoratively banded fedora.

Need a Hat for a Special Someone?

At Hat Heaven, we have hats for every guy – from young to old. Pick a hat with his favorite team logo, a camouflage hat for hunting, a kid’s hat with a Star Wars figure… Your options are very nearly limitless. Before you shop anywhere else for your man's next baseball cap, check out what we have to offer at Hat Heaven.


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