Choose The Right Panama Hat To Suit Your Style

Posted on February 04 2021

A Panama hat is a timeless and iconic fashion accessory that can be worn by both men and women. But contrary to the name, Panama hats come from Ecuador, not Panama! Plus, the name does not describe a hat style, but the kind of material (toquilla straw) the hat is made from.

Interestingly, the hat got its name because of US President, Theodore Roosevelt. In 1904, Roosevelt was visiting the Panama Canal and was photographed wearing a straw hat from Ecuador. From then on, it became known as a Panama hat, around the world.

You can find Panama hats in many shapes and colors. Top off your wardrobe with the right hat based on your personality and preference. Here are a few styles to get to know.

Choose The Right Panama Hat To Suit Your Style.

The Right Panama Hat For Your Personality

Do you prefer timeless over trendy? Do you wear clean lines and tailored clothes? Yes? Then the Classic Fedora Panama hat is for you. For both women and men, this lightweight and hand-woven hat is made of straw with a shorter brim than a fedora. Crisp, clean, and classic, this hat is perfect with linen suits, cotton sun dresses, etc.

Face it – you're a hipster. The Pork Pie Panama (sometimes called a trilby) goes perfectly with your tats, beard, and dark rimmed glasses. Mainly worn by men, the Pork Pie is a short-brimmed, flat-topped hat with a grosgrain ribbon band. Wear it to work, then out to a late-night jazz concert and never miss a beat.

Are you adventurous, yet a touch laid back? If you like to take chances, even with your wardrobe, try the statement-making Outback Panama hat. Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, this woven straw hat has a three-inch brim and a teardrop crown for extra sun protection. A leather hat band offers a touch of flair whether you're at an outdoor party or horseback riding across the plains.

Two More Styles to Consider

‍Do you believe you get what you pay for? Do you prefer quality over quantity? Again… yes? Then you want the elegant Safari Panama hat. This most sophisticated hat is perfect for dressier events, goes well with high-end and very fashionable clothing, and will make you feel like a star.

Are you bold? Do you enjoy standing out from the crowd? The wide-brimmed Panama hat is the one for you. The essential summer hat for women, it's vibrant colors and 6-inch wide brim is perfect for afternoon weddings, garden parties, festivals, or just heading to the beach.

Try Hat Heaven

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