Check Out Which NFL Teams Historical U.S. Presidents Might Have Rooted For

Posted on April 02 2019

Just for fun, think back to historical United States’ Presidents. Go way back, long before the National Football League was founded in 1920. If all the 32 teams had been established in the late 1700s or 1800s instead, which NFL teams do you think Lincoln, Washington, or others, would have rooted for?

Here is a list of early Presidents in no particular order, the NFL teams they might have been fans of, and the reasons why. Maybe you can come up with a few more yourself!

Check Out Which NFL Teams Historical U.S. Presidents Might Have Rooted For

The Early Presidents and Their Teams

  • George Washington – As the very first US President and a founding father, it’s a no-brainer that he would root for the
  • Abraham Lincoln – Although he did many astonishing things during his political career, he’d be a fan of the Chicago Bears. Illinois is known as “The Land of Lincoln” after all.
  • Grover Cleveland – Obviously, he’d have to cheer for the Browns. From a town that bears his name, how could he not love this NFL team?
  • Thomas Jefferson – This is the President who was not only responsible for the Declaration of Independence but also the Louisiana Purchase. Therefore, he probably would have been a fan of the New Orleans Saints. Can’t you hear him chanting “Who Dat?”
  • James Madison – Because President Madison was considered to be the “Father of the Constitution”, it’s most likely that he would root for Philadelphia’s NFL team, the Eagles. It’s our nation’s symbol!
  • Benjamin Harrison – Prior to becoming President, Harrison lived in Indianapolis. Then, he was president during the Baltimore Crisis. Therefore, he’d either cheer for the Colts or the Ravens – maybe both!
  • James K. Polk – Polk gave a stirring State of the Union speech that is credited with triggering the gold rush of 1849. So, obviously, President Polk would have been rooting for the San Francisco 49ers!
  • Herbert Hoover – Hoover was the US President who held office during the onset of Great Depression. Therefore, he’d probably feel a strong affinity for the long-suffering fans of the Detroit Lions.

What About These Presidents?

  • Theodore Roosevelt – Another no-brainer, Roosevelt was known as a frontier lover and an avid outdoorsman. Because he’s as close to a real-life cowboy as we ever had in office, he’d obviously love his NFL “pardners” in Dallas - the Cowboys.
  • James Monroe – During his presidency, Monroe not only bought Florida from Spain, but with the ratification of a treaty, the US expanded from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. That means Monroe could have cheered for both the Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks!
  • Martin Van Buren – The eighth President of the United States, Van Buren was key to the creation of the Democratic Party. The only president of Dutch ancestry, his favorite team would probably have been the Minnesota Vikings.

Modern Age Presidents

Here's some useless presidential/NFL knowledge for your next social gathering:

  • United States Presidents who played college football: Dwight D. Eisenhower (West Point), Ronald Reagan (for Notre Dame in the movies and Eureka College in real life), Richard Nixon (California's Whittier College), John F. Kennedy (Harvard), and Gerald R. Ford (University of Michigan).
  • During the first Super Bowl, Lyndon B. Johnson was president.
  • More college football games were attended by Harry Truman than any other president.
  • Stanford football team’s business manager was Herbert Hoover.
  • The forward pass, as we know it today, was assisted in its development by Theodore Roosevelt.
  • White House Super Bowl parties were hosted by Bill Clinton.
  • The first in-person Super Bowl presidential coin toss was performed by George H.W. Bush.
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