Check Out The Greatest NFL Teams To Ever Play The Game

Posted on July 12 2019

A fascinating, deep history is held by a sports league we all refer to as the NFL (National Football League). Through time, a handful of NFL players have managed to stand out and literally dominate the game. But, no matter how good a singular player is, the sport remains a team effort.

Let's take a closer look at some of the teams that have not only made the NFL what it is today but teams that have cemented their spot as some of the greatest ever.

Check Out The Greatest NFL Teams To Ever Play The Game

New England Patriots – In General

The New England Patriots would appear repeatedly on this list, so we'll combine their achievements. Let's start with 2004:

With a score of 24 - 21, New England edged out Philadelphia in one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever. Since 2000, Coach Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady have paired up with the rest of the team to set records, break records, and dominate Super Bowls.

In 2007, the Super Bowl was not won by the Patriots. But, while averaging 39 PPG as a team, and going 16 - 0, they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Denver Broncos – 1998

After a regular season of 14 - 2, quarterback John Elway (in his last game) took the Denver Broncos to their second straight Super Bowl win, crushing the Falcons. It would take Peyton Manning to bring the Broncos back to a winning team again, however, in 2013.

Chicago Bears – 1942 and 1985

1942 – Again, no Super Bowl was won by the Bears in ‘42, but, in the history of the league, they would showcase one of the most amazing regular seasons. Sadly, thanks to the Washington Redskins, they lost the championship game.

1985 – If you know any history about the Chicago Bears, you likely remember the Super Bowl Shuffle, The Fridge, and Jim McMahon. The team may have been pretty cocky, but with a Super Bowl win over the Patriots, they deserved a little show-off time.

San Francisco 49ers – 1989 and 1994

1989 – With a winning season of 14 - 2, and outscoring their opponents in postseason 126 - 26, the team thrived while Jerry Rice and Joe Montana dominated the sport.

1994 – There were 10 Pro Bowlers chosen from the San Francisco 49ers team who, with the help of Steve Young, went on to the Super Bowl and to destroy San Diego. The era of Joe Montana was over. Long live the King – Steve Young.

Green Bay Packers – 1966

Tried-and-true Cheeseheads (Packer fans), if they're old enough, remember 1966 very fondly. The defending Super Bowl champions, The Pack, would win the Super Bowl with a score of 35 - 10 against the Chiefs. MVP Bart Starr had taken the team to the Super Bowl with a 12 - 2 record that year. 30 years later, another Lombardi trophy would belong to the Packers courtesy of the new kid in town, Brett Favre, and the rest of the team.

Minnesota Vikings – 1998

You may be surprised to see a non-Super Bowl winner on this list, but in 1998, Randy Moss and Randall Cunningham helped make the team look like true winners. The regular season went 15 - 1 but, with his first miss of the year, their previously perfect kicker lost the Super Bowl in overtime.

Washington Redskins – 1991

In all of football, the strongest secondary was showcased by the Redskins and quarterback Mark Rypien. By a margin of 485 - 223, they outscored their opponents in the regular-season, going on to win the Super Bowl by 37 - 24 against Buffalo.

Miami Dolphins – 1972

After an undefeated season, and undefeated in the playoffs, the Dolphins were still considered underdogs for the Super Bowl. But they enjoyed a win over the Washington Redskins anyways.

Dallas Cowboys – 1992

In the 90s, Dallas was a dynasty. Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Troy Aikman, along with the rest of the team, would not only dominate the regular season with a 13 - 3 record but destroy Buffalo with a score of 52 - 17 in the Super Bowl.

St. Louis Rams – 1999

In Super Bowl XXXIV, with a score of 13 - 3, the Rams won with Hall of Fame talents Torry Holt, Isaac Bruse, and Marshall Faulk. Of course, there may have been an assist from quarterback Kurt Warner in there as well!

Pittsburgh Steelers – 1979

A dominant decade for the Steelers (and Terrible Towel holders) peaked in 1979 when, with 10 Pro Bowl nominated players, they won the Super Bowl.

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