Caps For Kids: How To Prevent Your Child From Removing Their Cap

Posted on September 04 2020

When it comes to caps for kids, the selections are virtually unlimited. Some children absolutely love things on their head: i.e., tiaras, bows, hats, hoods, etc. On the other hand, the second you place a hat on the heads of some children, off goes the hat and off goes the child!

Smiling young boy wearing baseball cap

If the latter description fits your kid, is there a way to better ensure the hat you put on the head of your child stays there? We talked to moms to see if they had any suggestions. Many learned from experience, through the tried-and-true method of hit and miss.

The following are some suggestions we obtained for how to keep kids caps on their heads.

Chin Straps (For Younger Children)

You see these all the time on baby bucket hats. It's a simple chinstrap that better secures small hats to small heads. Don't try this with a child once they get older, however. That's almost a guarantee the hat will be removed and discarded!

Let the Child Pick Their Own Hat

When kids pick something out themselves, they’re more committed to it. If possible, let your child pick out a hat or, at the very least, have a say in which hat they will wear.

Proper Fit Is Essential

If a hat is too tight, it will be uncomfortable for the child. If the hat is too big or loose, it stands a better chance of falling off. Get the proper fit.

Snapback styles are adjustable and can be made larger as the child grows. Fitted hats, however, will only fit perfectly for a short time.

Never Underestimate the Power of Distraction

Parents all over the world have used this method in any number of situations. If your child is fussing with their hat, try to distract them in a positive manner. Get their mind off of that hat and on to something else.

Wearing a Hat Can Be Fun!

Anytime you can make something fun, it will be more agreeable to your child. The more entertaining the design on a hat, the more it will appeal to kids. Make this as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Set a Good Example

If your child sees one of his parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters, etc. wearing a hat, they stand a better chance of wanting to wear one themselves. The less you take your hat off (and set it down somewhere, forgotten), the less chance your child will take theirs off.

Consistency and Persistence

As with most things you try to teach your child, it's important to be persistent and practice consistency. The more you try to get your child wear a hat, and commit to it, the better your chances will be.

The Earlier You Start, the Better

Really, this only stands to reason. The earlier you start putting a hat on the head of your child, the more use to it they will become. Some kids just never adapt to the wearing of a hat, however. Start with one of the baby hats listed below to get the ball rolling.

Style Matters

As they grow, a series of hat styles can help discourage hat removal. As they age, the styles will change. Here are three hats and who they best apply to:

  • Broad brims/buckets – Larger bucket hats can be worn by bigger kids when they're ready. To best suit the shape of the crown, these hats have a more grown-up shape. These come in anti-flop brims and bedhead styles. Snapback baseball caps are adjustable and, therefore, a good idea as well.
  • Baby and toddler buckets – Once your child is exploring and up and about, it's time to move from the baby flap hat or legionnaire (see below) to this hat. The rim of this hat provides extra protection around the shoulders and head from the sun's UV rays.
  • Baby flap hat or legionnaire – For young babies and newborns, this is a great hat to have handy. As babies mostly lie flat, so does the flap on the hat. Around their faces, it is less invasive, so you may be able to avoid a fussy child.

Hat Heaven Has Caps for Kids

Whether you have one child or several, whether they like cartoon characters or sports, we've got the perfect hat. We carry both fitted and snapback styles. Where the fitted gaps are concerned, size is important. These caps rely on an accurate measurement of your child's head and matching it with the corresponding size. Snapbacks, however, are completely adjustable, so they fit most any head.

Peruse our website today to find the next ideal gift for your child. Shop Hat Heaven before you look anywhere else for caps for kids.


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