Cap Etiquette Rules To Take Note Of

Posted on October 11 2020

While it certainly isn't winter yet, cooler weather is right around the corner for many regions. That's going to mean the wearing of hats, caps, and other cold weather gear. Soon, you will see lots of different styles of hats, as well as the tried-and-true baseball style cap, worn at increasing levels of frequency. With that in mind, the information below will introduce you to some of the finer points of cap etiquette.

Baseball Player Ready for pledge of allegiance

Keep in mind, however, that "etiquette" is often in the eye of the beholder. As an example, some sources say that one should never, ever – under any circumstances – wear a baseball cap indoors. However, it's done all the time and without any fanfare what-so-ever. So, no one is noticing, or nobody cares! The advice you get from someone telling you that your baseball cap should not be worn inside of a building… it's pretty much up for grabs as to just how reliable that piece of advice is.

With that in mind, let's look specifically at that recommendation.

Wearing Your Baseball Cap Indoors

Some people will tell you that if you are inside of a building – a performance or movie theater, museum, classroom, at a funeral, church, the dining room table, a restaurant, or even in someone's home – you should not be wearing a hat on your head.

As just suggested, however, lots of people leave their baseball cap on indoors. So, what's the right answer here? Is it just a matter of wanting to keep looking cool? Is it nothing more than feeling too lazy to take off the hat and figure out what to do with it? Trying to cover bad hair or a bald spot? There can be any number of reasons for wanting to leave your hat on while you're inside of a building. Since different sources can't seem to agree, we are going to leave this one up to the individual.

The official recommendation is this: If you're wearing a baseball cap, remove it when you go into a building. But, be ready to go with the flow if you notice others leaving their hat on. Speaking of wearing your baseball cap indoors, with very few exceptions, it should not be worn backwards – indoors or outdoors.

It's Okay to Keep Your Hat On

With all of the above stated, baseball caps and other types of hats are okay to keep on your head when it comes to public places. This can include crowded public elevators, public lobbies, airports, and other public buildings. Naturally, the old practice of removing your hat when a lady enters still applies. Though, this too has become somewhat of a dying art.

Praying and Pledging

At any church or other place of worship, unless heads are covered as part of the religion, hats should not be worn. That includes baseball caps. Additionally, at any ceremony or event where prayer, the national anthem, or a pledge is played or recited, hats should be removed as a sign of respect.

How to Hold Your Hat

Okay, we got some people to take off their hat while they’re indoors. Now, what's the correct way to hold it while it's not on your head? The inside and lining of the hat should not show. Only the outside should be visible. In some cases, you may decide to respectfully hold your hat/cap across your chest/heart while standing during the pledge, the national anthem, etc.

Note: Fashion hats worn by women do not need to be removed indoors. If it's going to be disruptive or hamper someone's view, however, it should be removed. Depending on the event, ladies may wish to remove their hat in a theater, at the dining room table, etc.

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