Can You Wear A Hat With Dreadlocks?

Posted on March 10 2021

Do you want to wear a baseball cap or other hat with a particular hair style? Are dreadlocks your hair style of choice?

No matter if you live in the west, east, south, or north, when cooler weather approaches, you may consider wearing a hat. Then again, for various reasons, hats are worn by people from every walk of life and of all ages – not the least of which is style and fashion.


It could just be a fashion statement if someone wears a hat in warmer climates. But a great reason to wear hats is for protection and warmth where cooler climates are a consideration. When you sport dreadlocks, however, both bad and good things can happen courtesy of the hats you wear.

Let's explore the combination of dreadlocks and hats. There are pros and cons.

Hats And Dreadlocks – The Cons

When it comes to dreadlocks and wearing a hat or baseball cap, there are some not-so-desirable factors to keep in mind. Namely, the following:

  • Clumping
  • Breakage
  • Frizz

Possibly the most disconcerting of these is clumping. This is, in particular, a problem for those who wear hats for extended periods of time. Every few hours, remove your hat to avoid clumping. During this time, away from each other, you should carefully separate your dreads.

To avoid breakage and frizz, first and foremost, care for your dreads lovingly. Clarifying shampoos, castor oils, and other appropriate products should be used. If possible, don't wear a hat for more than a few hours when using these key products. Additionally, while the hat is on, make sure there is no friction. When you do remove the hat, because you've helped prevent frizz and breakage, your hair will look just as stylish.

The Pros of Wearing A Hat with Dreadlocks

There also can be an upside to wearing the combination of dreads and hats. One of the most obvious is for protection. From any numbers of factors, you will protect your hair. Think rain, wind, sun, and more. Additionally, bugs, grime, and dirt will be better avoided by wearing a hat.

Bugs, in particular, may decide to hitch a ride in that nice, tightly woven, comfy, atmosphere of dreadlocks on your head. This is a repulsive and disgusting thing to consider. The wearing of a hat, in a variety of elements, will help keep you protected and warm.

Dreadlocks and Cold Weather

When the weather turns colder, you tend to take better care of yourself. This can include everything from a healthy diet to a warm coat, mittens, hats, etc. The same should be said for the care you give your dreadlocks.

When it's most appropriate, go ahead and wear your hat. Make sure, however, that rather than a problematic fashion piece, it is an accessory.

For every different person, there is a set of dreads that is just as unique. An important aspect of any dreadlocked journey is figuring out how your hair will react to various circumstances, products, weather, and more.

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