Breaking In A New Baseball Cap

Posted on March 10 2021

If you are a huge fan of baseball caps – possibly even just a hat wearer in general – you know that few things compare to the smell, feel, and look of a new baseball cap. As American trends go, for almost any event or occasion, one of the most popular is the wearing of a baseball cap. Though they didn't get popular until the early 20th century, baseball caps have been around since the middle of the 19th century. Traditionally, they were created to shield the wearer from rain and the sun getting in their eyes. Additionally, they were made from cotton fabric, included eyelets or grommets for ventilation, and had a button sewn to the top of the cap, which was covered with material.

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Today, for both women and men, baseball caps are more popular than ever. They can be manufactured/purchased as adjustable caps with plastic or cloth straps across the back (for the perfect fit), or as fitted hats. To wear them, shape them, and fit them, here are some procedures to follow with your adjustable cotton cap or fitted cap.

Baseball Cap Wearing

To customize and shape your bill, curve or flatten it with your hands when you first wear your new cap. Eventually, your cap will take the shape you want by responding to your manipulations.

Shaping a Baseball Cap’s Bill

As just mentioned, baseball cap bills can be shaped. Depending on what is fashionable at the time, you may prefer slight curves around your face or a bill that is flat. Some hat wearers prefer a severe curve to their bill.

With hot water, dampen the pre-curved bill of a hat to flatten it. On a flat surface, place it and weigh it down with something heavy and flat.

Lightly spray the bill with hot water if you want to curve the flat bill of a cap. So that it fits inside a large mug, roll it in your hands. Until it dries, leave your baseball cap in the mug. It should eventually take the shape you want.

Baseball Cap Break-In

If you don't mind a bit of discomfort, dampen your new baseball cap, to break it in, and then simply wear it. To shape it the way you like it, flatten or curve the bill while you wear it. So that it conforms to your head’s shape, as air dries, just wear your cap.

Not everybody likes the feel of a damp baseball cap on their head, however. Unfortunately, for those individuals, this is still the best way to break one in!

Baseball Cap Fitting

How should a baseball cap fit? Above your ears, it should sit comfortably. Across the middle of your forehead is where the bill should rest. Your head should be topped by the crown leaving a little space between the cap and your head. In a wind gust, it should not come off easily. Yet, on your forehead, it should not leave a mark. If you can spin your cap around easily, but it doesn't feel excessively loose, it probably fits right.

Dampen the crown with a bit of hot water if it's a little tight. On the outside of a pot or a bowl, stretch the hat across and allow it to dry.

Where to Find Your New Baseball Cap

At Hat Heaven, we have hats for all types of baseball cap fans: men, women, grandmas, grandpas, kids, etc. We carry hats with sports logos, catchy sayings, cartoon characters, and hats of many colors. Whether you wear a fitted cap or want an adjustable one, we've got the cap you need. Shop at Hat Heaven today!


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