Brand Spotlight: New Era

Posted on June 05 2019

Before the 1920s, few could have predicted the impact one man would have on the hat and fashion industry. His name was Ehrhardt Koch and he would revolutionize the industry. The "New Era Cap Company”, a family run business, was founded by this innovative individual. But there's more to that story.

Brand Spotlight: New Era

In the Very Beginning

First things first: Ehrhardt's sister loaned him $1000, and with it, the "E. Koch Cap Company" was actually founded in 1920. Eventually, the company began the manufacture of no less than 60,000 Gatsby hats and the name was changed to New Era Cap Company. Lo and behold, Mr. Koch believed that he had seen a way to take the quality and process of fashion headwear and completely redesign them.

Moving On

The company was joined by Ehrhardt’s son Harold in 1932. The offspring brought what ended up being much-needed changes to the company with his environment knowledge and economic vision. In order to carry on the company, rather than so very many Gatsby hats, they would begin manufacturing baseball caps instead (or in addition to). They needed to jump on the bandwagon because more and more popularity was being gained by the sport of baseball.

Basically, the 1940s for the New Era Cap Company consisted of elastic reinforcements being added to caps to make them adjustable.

Enter the 1950s

For what was considered the time’s greatest baseball leagues, the only one making caps in the 1950s was the New Era Cap Company. Even though Ehrhardt died in 1953, his ideas are still alive and thriving. The 59Fifty model (cap) was a created a bit later on in the 50s and was exclusively produced in the 60s at New York's Derby factory – their newest manufacturing location. 

The 60s and 70s See More Family Involvement

New Era was able to sell exclusively and directly to Minor-League and Major-League baseball teams after being invited to the Winter Baseball Meetings event in 1961.

In true family business style, promoted to Executive Director in 1972, Harold encouraged his son, David Koch, to get more involved. So, after 14 years in the company, David was promoted to President. New Era had a deal with nearly every MLB team by 1974.

You've Got to Love the 80s!

There was every reason for The New Era Cap Company to love the 80s thanks to the vision of David Koch. The company was consistently growing, now producing headwear to fill military orders, to meet the increasing demand in the golf and tennis industry, for International Baseball Leagues, for college sports, and other headwear.

A New Era for New Era!

The 20th Century was upon the New Era Cap Company, and with it came the opportunity for globalization. Their first stores in Australia, Japan, and Europe would open now.

As of late, a re-association between New Era and the NFL has been created, giving New Era exclusive rights to manufacture NFL caps and hats.

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