Brand Spotlight: Mitchell & Ness

Posted on April 30 2019

When you hear the brand name Mitchell & Ness, what comes to mind? The classics! Thanks to this brand, all of the tried-and-true team designs and colors – like the Seattle Supersonics, the Spurs with their pink and teal, and the Vancouver Grizzlies – live on. So that we never forget them, sports heroes of the past are kept alive thanks to the nostalgic tones of the Mitchell & Ness collections. But wait… There's more!

Brand Spotlight: Mitchell & Ness

Love My Team – Hate the Color!

Okay dedicated sports fan, what if you love your team more than life itself but can't stand wearing the color of your team? What is an avid sports fanatic to do? Once again, Mitchell & Ness comes to the rescue. Now you can get a Lakers hat in green, a Celtics hat in purple, or any other team and color combination imaginable. Love and wear your team while still being able to coordinate the color of your hat with your shoes, shirt, and more.

Snapbacks All the Rage

About a decade ago, when the snapback craze occurred (actually a resurgence of the snapback fashion) Mitchell & Ness was ready.  A snapback cap is basically a baseball style hat that is adjustable via a plastic strap that snaps in the back – ergo the name. During the craze, team jackets and jerseys took a temporary backseat while the caps ran rampant. While still offering all of the classics that made them leaders in their field, Mitchell & Ness expanded and modified its cap offerings, embracing the opportunity.

Who Is Mitchell & Ness?

Charles Ness and Frank Mitchell, a couple of Philadelphia sports guys, in 1904, decided to build a business around the manufacture and sale of golf clubs and tennis rackets. From the 1920s to the ‘30s, they made the shift to selling athletic apparel and equipment representing sports teams from pro level all way down to high school level. For the next 50 years or so, professional uniforms like the Phillies and the Eagles, college squad uniforms, and high school uniforms touted the Mitchell & Ness label.

Through any number of ups and downs (as well as owners, licensing deals, fashion ideas, and more), the company survived. Eventually, in the 90s, perfect timing mixed with ideal opportunities really put Mitchell & Ness on the map and cemented their place in sports paraphernalia.

Finally – the world was their oyster! Mitchell & Ness would grow to sit at the top of the list when sportswear was referred to, expanding their fashions from authentic, historic apparel to more customized choices.

Customer-Centric Choices

For years, Mitchell & Ness concentrated on authentic retro jerseys. As desirable and high-quality as they were, however, not everyone could afford them. So, the company decided to make affordable NBA and NFL replicas for sports fans to enjoy. Today, avid fans can pick up number-and-name T-shirts of their favorite players from days of old.

The demand for different sizes has changed as well. Compared to years ago, far more mediums are being sold. Today, whether you like to wear your clothes baggy or snuggly fitted, you can get your favorite professional player on a shirt of almost any size and color. But that's not all! In the works is a plan to soon offer iconic college sportswear.

Hat Heaven carries Mitchell & Ness, KBEthos, 47 Brand and more. When it comes to sports, we've got you covered – or at least your head! Check out our college, NBA, NFL, and MLB hats today.


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