Brand Spotlight: 47 Brand

Posted on September 10 2019

In 1947, in the shadow of the Boston Red Sox Stadium, Fenway Park, Henry and Arthur D'Angelo (twin Italian immigrant brothers) founded “47 Brand”. Inspired by the passion of local sports fans, they began selling pennants for $0.25 each after giving up their "career" as newspaper sellers. Eventually, a building across from the stadium became their new place of business where they procured hats that would become the sports fan’s symbol for unwavering loyalty.

But that was just the beginning.Brand Spotlight: 47 Brand

A Little History                                      

For four teams in the Cape Cod Baseball League, 47 Brand became an official licensed on-field partner in 2014. They expanded their portfolio with a Major League Soccer and USSF partnership deal in 2015. In the same year, at least until 2019, 47 Brand gained the rights to produce MLB on-field postseason celebrations caps. They also secured a license for MLBI (Major Baseball League International) merchandising.

In Their Later Years

Hats were, of course, just the beginning for 47 Brand. 60 years after their inception they have expanded far beyond mere sports caps. They are licensed producers of everything from beanies and caps to crewnecks and dugout jackets. 47 Brand is an officially licensed partner of the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), and Major League Baseball (MLB). In the United States, they also are licensed to create apparel, headwear, and accessories for more than 900 college institutions.

But what, you may ask, ever happened to that little building by Fenway Park? Today, their shop still exists and is lovingly referred to as that little “souvenir store across the street from Fenway”.

What's New?

New releases from 47 Brand include the "Oath" Snapback collection and a new bucket hat. The collection features LA Kings, New York Rangers, and various other NHL teams. The snapbacks have, printed on the underside of the peak, a nice touch of the team’s name. The bucket hats are simplistic and, for that “vintage streetwear steez”, snakeskin print trim (which is really slick) combined with team colors.

What Are They Worth Today?

We don't have the current numbers, but 47 Brand reported approximately $230 million in revenue in 2013! Not bad for a couple of brothers who immigrated to this country and started a little shop across from Fenway Park.

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