Beyond Fashion: Special Meanings Of Kids Hats

Posted on June 05 2020

Kids hats are worn for a variety of reasons. Babies in particular usually have hats placed on their heads to complete a stylish outfit, keep the baby warm, and protect their precious scalp from the sun. As children get older and play outside, particularly in snowy climates, they may wear a hat for added body warmth, to help keep their ears warm (depending on the hat), and more. Some hats have full face covers, but with openings for the mouth and eyes, to keep not only the head but the entire face of a child warm and free from snow and sleet. Protection from the sun doesn't stop when a child reaches the age where they can play on their own, so hats can be worn for protection against the sun as a child ages as well.

Beyond Fashion: Special Meanings Of Kids Hats

In some parts of the world, however, head protection is just one aspect of hat wearing for children. Certain hats have specific meaning. This can involve hats that are worn for tradition, that complete an intricate traditional costume, etc. Let's take a look at some hats around the world and their meaning.

Health and Happiness – Chinese Baby Hats

Traditionally, mothers in China have and still do embroider elaborate children's hats. Used in the creation of this type of headwear is prevalent symbolism from the Chinese culture. The belief is that two things will be provided by the hat:

  • Qualities such as success, beauty, happiness, and health will be imbued upon the child.
  • The child will be protected from evil.

It's All About Hat Color in Japan

From first grade, young children make their way to school on their own in Japan. That means taking public transportation such as trains and buses and, of course, walking. Bright yellow caps are worn by these children while on their way to school. Because smaller children can be hard for drivers to spot, these hats make them easier for motorists to see. Not such a bad idea, when you think about it! The coordination of hats for a whole country is not surprising from a country known for brilliance and ingenuity.

Children's Hats in Thailand

In Thailand, brightly colored Yao children's hats are adorned by pom-poms. They are additionally decorated with metal pieces, patchwork, and embroidery. The pom-poms are used on the Yao hat as a wish for a long life and wealth. Even more power is offered by pom-poms that are red.

One large, single red pom-pom adorns a girl's hat, which encircles the top of the hat (in addition to others for decoration). Plain, smaller singular pom-poms are attached to top of the hat for a boy (again, in addition to others for decoration). Additional pom-poms for decoration can appear on the front and sides of a cap, as examples.

This type of hat does, of course, have a native name which is as follows: “kaus mom me nyuamntxhais”.

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