Baseball Hats That Need to Be In Your Wardrobe

Posted on January 08 2020

Baseball hats are worn by Hollywood celebrities, government officials, sports figures, singer/musicians, your average guy/gal on the street, and more. They can have a team logo on the front, a catchy saying or significant word, or nothing at all. Today, baseball caps come in a vast array of colors and styles, are being manufactured by numerous companies, and are sold in brick-and-mortar stores, online, in magazines, given away in promotions, etc.

If you don't have a baseball hat somewhere in your house, you are definitely in the minority! Truth be told, who wouldn't want to own a baseball cap? They are stylish, can make a statement (when desired), are handy to just throw on your head on your way out the door, are a fantastic accessory…  the possibilities are endless!

Are there certain hats that a baseball cap aficionado should not be without?

Baseball Hats That Need to Be In Your Wardrobe

Why and How Do You Wear a Baseball Cap?

People wear baseball caps for various reasons. So, the kinds of hats you should have in your collection can depend largely on why and how you wear your hat. Is it a weekend fixture or personal signature? Is it a fashion accessory, or does it just keep the sun off your head? Hats can hide bald spots, keep your hair out of your eyes, or be the finishing touch to an outfit. Whatever hat is worn speaks volumes about an individual's personality or may simply be a matter of practicality. If you rock that baseball cap with confidence and panache, however, that's what will matter most.

Now, let's take a look at baseball-style caps that should be in your collection.

The Dad Hat

Made popular in the early 2000s thanks, in part, to Polo/Ralph Lauren, the younger generation donned these soft-style hats enough that they became a signature of sorts. This hat carries a definite casual flare. If you're going to wear a dad hat, your best bet is to go with something that has a unique texture or hue, and no logo.

The Trucker Hat

You have to be careful with this hat because it only looks good on certain heads and fits certain individuals’ personalities. For many of us, we can't help but get some kind of cringe-worthy picture out of our heads when we think of a trucker hat. That aside, in certain settings, this hat offers a cooler, more breathable fit thanks to the mesh rear panel. Settings could include as a costume, on a boat, or maybe camping – and of course, if you're a trucker.

 The Five Panel Hat

City dwellers, hipsters, surfers, and more turn to this hat on a regular basis. Given the right outfit, it's a great choice. With an all-over pattern or print outfit, it can look pretty cool. If you really want to shake things up, choose a hat with a bold pattern.

The Fitted Cap

Not for everyone because, after all, it's fitted. If one of the sizes in existence doesn't work for you, you would be best served by an adjustable hat, like a snapback (see below). That said, there are some truly high quality, great-looking fitted caps out there.

Fitted cap "don't try it's": Do not leave the stickers on your hat. What might have been cool at one time (if ever) is just plain goofy now. Additionally, don't ever think that big, oversized hats are a style. Again, they're just wrong.

The Snapback

Here's where hat lovers can really get into the whole baseball cap collection thing. Because they are adjustable (via the rear strap which can be cloth, leather, plastic, etc.), they can be worn by just about everybody. It matters not if you're California cool, a hipster, preppy, or if you're wearing it for athleisure, this hat works. Snapbacks are a great choice if you have one of those hard-to-fit heads.

Fashion tip: if you want to wear your snapback with just about anything, you might want to stick with dark colors. They also tend to hide sweat better.

At Hat Heaven, we carry every one of the hats listed above. They come in numerous brands, colors, logos or no logos, camouflage, and more. Add one of our hats to your collection of baseball caps today.



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