Baseball Cap with a Suit? Hell Yeah!

Posted on February 04 2020

Not everyone is a fan of wearing baseball caps. But for those who are, the question may have arisen, at one time or another, “Is it okay for me to wear my baseball cap with a suit?" We would like to give you a resounding, "Hell yes!” on that. Not everyone may agree, we are aware of that. But that's okay. Not everyone, in general, likes baseball caps anyway.

If you follow fashion at all, from 2008 to 2018, you may have noticed suits losing the tie bar and tie, and instead, donning a wool, corduroy, or tweed baseball cap. The style actually dates back to the 90s. But rather than looking a little too Seinfeld, the dress-up fabrics keep it classy. Today’s baseball caps are acceptable in museums, pubs, business get-togethers, can be worn with suits, or can accompany such traditional attire as sneakers and sweatshirts.

We’re going to give you a handful of caps to consider wearing with your next suit.

Baseball Cap with a Suit? Hell Yeah!

Light Denim Scarlet/Black New Era 9FIFTY Snapback – New York Yankees

Not all denim caps are acceptable for accompanying a suit. The distressed look, for example, should be saved for the sweatshirt and sneakers look. A hat like the Light Denim Scarlet/Black New Era 9FIFTY Snapback with the New York Yankees logo, however, is classy and stylish. Remove the sticker, if there is one, give the bill a slight bend, and wear the bill facing straight forward. Remember – you don't have to wear jeans for this cap to go with your outfit.

New Era 9FIFTY Snapback Black Corduroy – Chicago White Sox

In a moment, we’re going to take a look at some fitted caps, but in the meantime, we'll introduce another snapback. The great thing about snapbacks is that they fit almost any head. This particular Chicago White Sox New Era 9FIFTY Snapback is in black corduroy. No matter what's in your closet, you're going to look fall weekend ready donning this corduroy cap. Lose the logo for a more businesslike look, if you prefer. Hat Heaven has hats with or without logos.

New Era 59FIFTY Navy Grey Bottom– New York Yankees

Here's one of the fitted hats we just referred to. This New Era 59FIFTY Navy Gray Bottom Fitted New York Yankees cap is a little classier than your basic snapback. Black goes with almost anything and the wool material is nice for fall, winter, and a cool spring day.

Wool instantly transforms you into a menswear god and can be worn nicely with cashmere and corduroy.

New Era Metal Badge 59FIFTY Black Leather/Black Suede – New York Yankees

Now we're talking! A leather/suede baseball cap can speak volumes about you and your style choices. This particular New York Yankees New Era Metal Badge 59FIFTY Black Leather/Black Suede cap is fitted. If you like leather, you simply have to have one of these in your repertoire!

Black New Era Metal Badge 59FIFTY Fitted – Chicago White Sox

Once again, this hat is fitted for a classier look than a snapback. The understated Sox logo keeps it simple and basic. The Black New Era Metal Badge 59FIFTY Fitted Chicago White Sox cap is not only a must for any Chicago fan, but something to have in your closet when you want to step up your look a little bit from those distressed, snapback, strap back, or dad hats.

So, have you decided to wear a baseball cap with your suit sometime soon? Better start shopping at Hat Heaven for your fitted, snapback, dad hat, or some other style of baseball type cap. We have selections of numerous colors, styles, materials, with logos, without logos, etc. Check out our impressive inventory before you go anywhere else!


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