Are You A Fan Of The Boston Red Sox?

Posted on August 10 2020

Boston Red Sox rejoice! A little later on, we’re going to show you how to view one of the widest selections of Boston Red Sox hats found anywhere. In the meantime, let's take a look at some fun facts regarding your team, and then a few hats you may wish to check out.

 Are You A Fan Of The Boston Red Sox

Fun Facts About Fenway Park and The Boston Red Sox

  • The Green Monster – what's inside? Aside from the occasional vermin and a scorekeeper, hundreds of signatures from former and current baseball players have found a home inside the Green Monster. The first time a player plays at Fenway Park, it has become tradition for them to sign one of the inside walls. It's a rite of passage of sorts. In fact, in 2003 when Manny Ramirez disappeared between innings into the Green Monster, that may well have been what he was doing.
  • Why is it called the Green Monster? The name was coined by a journalist. "Monster" is used because the wall, at a record 37 feet, is the highest in baseball. "Green" is simply "Fen Green". The announcer put the two together and a nickname was born.
  • The Red Seat. At Fenway Park, seat 21, in row 37, in section 42 is a solitary red seat. What's so special about the seat? In June 1946, a 502-foot homerun was hit to this precise spot by Ted Williams. In the history of Fenway Park, it is the longest home run ever.
  • “Sox” - is that a misspelling? In 1907, the Boston Red Sox became the name of the team formerly known as the Boston Americans. It was a simple choice being that red socks were worn by the players. But when spelled out on a jersey, no one liked the way "socks" looked. It was easier to space the letters "Red Sox" on the jerseys and split them down the middle.

All-Star Game Workout New Era 9FIFTY Boston Red Sox Graphite Scarlet 2019 Hat

This hat is truly unique with its front embroidery logo consisting of a B, two crossed bats, and three stars. On one side of the hat is the ASG logo, while on the other side you will find the wavy New Era logo. Both hat and logo are red and black. The snapback feature makes it adjustable for a perfect fit on nearly any head. This cap is 100% wool.

New Era’s 9FIFTY Real Tree Edge Black Orangeade Snapback Boston Red Sox Hat

So much more than mere camouflage, this Real Tree Edge fabric by New Era goes the extra mile with a cotton twill crown filled with photorealistic patterns. The hat contains a Boston Red Sox front logo, side flag, and orange accented button. Take it to the Woodlands or wear it to the game. Above the space at the back of the hat is a pair of red socks.

New Era 9FIFTY Snapback Boston Red Sox Navy Scarlet Aviator Hat

Part of an older collection, this hat sports the aviator theme. But it meshes well with the Red Sox logo. It has a navy crown, button, and visor with contrasting scarlet. The under visor is gray. The aviator front logo consists of white, navy, and scarlet. There is a pair of red socks on the back of the hat, and the New Era flag on the side is scarlet. This is an adjustable hat, so it's perfect for almost everyone.

Hat Heaven Has Lots For Boston Red Sox Fans to Choose From

At Hat Heaven, we have over 35 choices of hats representing the Boston Red Sox! If both you and your child are fans, look into the kids Boston Red Sox hats we have by New Era. Whatever team you love, whatever style hat you prefer, whatever colors you want to incorporate with your outfits, we've got what you're looking for. Look through our impressive selection today to find your new favorite baseball style cap. Shop Hat Heaven.


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