Are Baseball Caps The New T-Shirt?

Posted on September 04 2020

Thanks to baseball caps, people all over the world are managing to engineer outfits that are near perfect. It's true! Even an outfit that is on the edge of questionable can be propelled into the realm of fabulous with the right headwear. Whether you're running out to grab a couple of lattes, heading off to the game, or spending some time with family, throwing on a baseball cap is as natural today as throwing on a T-shirt. Forget your hat one day and see if you don't feel just a little underdressed or – imagine it – almost naked.


Baseball caps have become such a staple in the wardrobe of so many that hats of all types, colors, and styles are on the heads of more Americans now than ever before. It's no wonder. They can be dressy or casual. Eye-catching or low-key. Fun or serious. Truth be told, they can be just about anything, depending on the wearer and what they are accessorizing.

Fast Casual

An Ivy League vibe with a twist of 90s flare, the "fast casual" look is both appealing and easy. This style is engaging because it looks less like fashion and more like merch; but translates, ultimately, to stylish. The baseball cap is an emblem of cool but effortless. You may not have courtside seats at every Knicks game, but with the right baseball cap, you will at least exude the energy of someone who does.

Has the Baseball Cap Peaked?

To say that the baseball cap has peaked would imply that any minute now, it will be on its way out. That should not be assumed by any means; though earlier this year, the wearing of baseball caps did reach a fevered pitch. This, thanks in part, to the baseball cap worn by Robert Mueller (Special Counsel) as he raced off to the office prior to his final report filing. As he performed his mundane activities, the Associated Press photographed him – the cap being the only vaguely personal, non-neutral thing about him.

For the record, the hat was from Sea Ranch (a community, not far from California's Route 1, which is unincorporated).

More Than Just a Hat

Many a big idea has found its canvas, albeit a small one, on baseball caps. Three popular things are combined on baseball caps: words, embroidery, and typefaces. There is untapped potential for graphic designs in this goldmine of an accessory.

Do you suppose it's more of a nightmare or a little slice of heaven to be the person responsible for the 1 to 3-word quips and jokes that appear on the front of so many caps?

The Top Five Baseball Caps Considered Most Eligible

Available right now are the following five caps that should be in your closet:

  • The future collectible cap – These may not be a collector’s item now, but soon will be.
  • Corduroy – You might want to save wearing this for winter, however.
  • Car merchandise emblems – From Mercedes-Benz to Cadillac to BMWs, if it's got a car brand on it, you’re good. (The more high-end the car, the better.)
  • The wisecrack hat – Snarky or catchy little sayings that hint at self-awareness, humor, smart remarks, etc.
  • The Mets – This hat literally says "The Mets" on the front.
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