Appreciating The History and Style of Embroidered Caps

Posted on December 05 2019

Whereas lots of people wear embroidered caps, they may not view them as being particularly interesting – at least not most of the time, anyways. Truth be told, however, there are some interesting little tidbits out there about caps, particularly embroidered caps.

We choose the clothing we wear from day to day for particular reasons. Over the years, the colors may vary, but their design remains important, and most of us choose our wardrobe carefully. Through the decades, clothing evolves, and that includes hats. The baseball caps worn by Brooklyn's Excelsior's back in the 1860s are considerably different than the hats we know today – yet they maintain some of the same crucial characteristics.

Let's take a look at the evolution of the embroidered cap and some interesting factoids regarding it.Semi Truck Driver Break

A Popular Myth

There is a myth that still circulates today stating that you will go bald if you wear a baseball cap all day, all the time. Yet the only way this is going to happen is if you wear a painfully tight hat that deprives hair follicles of blood because it's so tight, it obstructs blood circulation. Who's going to wear a hat like that?

How Did the Trucker Hat Get So Popular?

Back in the day, these caps were created for farmers and sported agricultural suppliers’ logos. It was great for promoting companies like John Deere. Eventually, truckers latched on to the easy-to-wear caps. Their popularity truly skyrocketed, however, when they were worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams.

The 59FIFTY By New Era

Also known as the Brooklyn Style Cap, the New Era Hat Company created a cap called the 59FIFTY in 1954. As success stories go, it became an icon for the company. A “Diamond” version was created with a few modifications in 1986, and the MLB adopted New Era as their official supplier in 1993.

Don't Mess with My Embroidered Cap!

One highly prized piece of a person's wardrobe is a personalized embroidered cap. Even though the team doesn't exist anymore, one of the most popular embroidered caps is that of the Montréal Expos. A few years ago, having been sold worldwide, these cap’s popularity peaked (again, without team actually being in existence!).

Hats and Hip-Hop

Today, the cap you wear on your head is a manner through which you can reflect your identity. Hip-hop stars took the baseball cap and gave it street cred. Thanks to hip-hop celebs, by the end of the 80s and 90s, caps were a big part of street culture.

Baseball and The Babe

People are proud to wear their embroidered baseball caps. Babe Ruth introduced and utilized this clothing accessory between 1910 and 1930. He needed to see the ball better, so he wore it to shade his eyes. At auction, selling for a reasonable $328,000, one of Babe Ruth's caps had inside embroidery with his name still legible.

What's That on Your Head?

Baseball players didn't always wear caps made from cloth. Once upon a time, if they wore anything on their head at all, straw was used to make the caps they wore. As suggested earlier, the Brooklyn Excelsiors introduced baseball caps, as we know them today, back in 1860. Where would we be without those Excelsiors and their caps?

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