An Introduction To Fitted Caps

Posted on August 07 2019

The New York Knickerbockers adopted the first official baseball uniform back in April 1849. It included a straw hat which was soon changed over to wool, flat caps. There were 10 different types of caps available by Spalding (the sports equipment purveyor) by 1888.

Today's modern fitted caps bear a striking resemblance to the jockey style caps of old with their button on top and long bill. To give the cap longer wear and more shape, Spaulding added a stitched bill in 1903. And so, the modern baseball cap came to be!An Introduction To Fitted Caps

Major Fashion from the Major Leagues

True hallmarks of the classic ball cap are the fitted panel construction and front facing brim to shade the eyes. Today's modern ball caps, however, span a wide range of types and styles. Though fabrications such as cotton twill or mesh do exist, the classic material is still wool flannel. Innovations in shape and fit give us loop or hook closure, snapback, fitted, and more. Crowns can be high, mid, or low profile. Bills can be curved or flat.

What ballplayer of old could have imagined that a major fashion item would be created from the old flannel cap used to shade their eyes from the sun? From ordinary dads to celebrities, everybody's wearing hats!

Fitted Caps

Fitted caps, for the most part, have limited stretch and closed backs. Topped by a button, they are comprised of six triangular sections. Rather than six, some caps have five panels.

But how does one know what size fitted cap they need? The wearer's head must be measured. At the level where the hat will be worn, carefully take a measurement. Hat companies express hat sizes in inches. To the nearest 1/8 of an inch, take the circumference of the wearer's head.

Custom fitted hats have bills that can also be shaped to the wearer's head. To personalize your cap, gently roll the bill to your preferred shape. Flat bills on some caps allow the wearer to shape them to their desire.

For Comfort and Style – FlexFit

Without uncomfortable constriction, many fitted caps stay on your head, thanks to advanced technology. This is made possible by a specially constructed poly-weave spandex. Closed back caps come in a range of styles and stylizations including custom logos, firm buckram crown, low-profile trucker’s cap, and more.

If you're looking for a tough hat in which to do outdoor labor, that will stand up week after week, many of today's high-quality hats are made not only breathable but sturdy. And never, ever, think that just because you're wearing a baseball cap you have to run out and play baseball. Today's baseball caps are worn for fashion, to make a statement, for utilitarian purposes, and yes – sports as well.

Hat Heaven has an impressive array of fitted caps. Of course, we also carry dad hats, snapbacks, trucker’s hats, and more. Peruse our selection of hats today and you're bound to find your new favorite cap. Want to read more about caps in general? Click here for our informative posts.


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