All You Need To Know about Proper Hat Etiquette

Posted on July 10 2020

Lots of people in the world today wear hats. Some wear them well; some - not so much. If you're going to don a nice hat, you should be able to do it with style and finesse. What better way to make sure that you're wearing your hat like a proper gentleman (or lady) than with some tips on hat etiquette?

When it comes to today's hats, there doesn't seem to be a lot of rules apparently. People seem to wear them wherever they like, whenever they like, and pretty much wear them with whatever they like. That's okay for some people in some circumstances. Back in the day, however, there were rules to follow for those wishing to enhance their lives and their look with a nice hat. As a matter of fact, you weren't much of an upstanding society member if you didn't have a hat – people could tell instantly that you sort of didn't fit in. That's how important hats and how they were worn used to be.

Some people would like to see those days come back again, to an extent. In pursuit of once again reviving fashionable, proper hat wear, here are some etiquette tips.

handsome stylish man greets by removing his hat from his head

When Wearing a Hat Is Absolutely Fine

In public areas, on the street – basically when you're outside – it's okay to wear a hat. Indoor public areas are not totally exempt, however. So, in places like elevators, long indoor corridors, train stations, public transportation, airports, hotel lobbies, etc., it's okay to keep your hat on.

On the other hand, indoors, outdoors, and just about everywhere, if it's not a baseball cap, ladies can wear their hats (even while eating, particularly outdoors). It's advisable that ladies follow the same rules as gentlemen, however, if we are talking about a baseball cap.

When It's Time to Remove Your Hat

Gentlemen, whether you're wearing a baseball cap, trilby, or fedora, aside from the "indoor" places listed above, your hat should not be worn indoors. For example, hats are off-limits in the following locations:

  • Businesses (particularly if you're participating in business there)
  • Theaters
  • Churches
  • Cafés/restaurants
  • Schools
  • Homes

An occasion where you should always remove your hat is in the presence of a lady. Remove your hat during introductions, while photographs are being taken, during dedications, during funerals, weddings, during the national anthem, movies, and during meals.

The female persuasion need only remove their hats if it's inconveniencing others or blocking someone's view. So, while you're working or if you're at the theater, it's probably best to remove your hat. The same guidelines as the guys apply, however, if it's a baseball cap.

Additional Tips

Here are a few more pointers:

  • Hat ornamentation (pins, feathers, etc.) – on the right side of the hat for women, on the left side of the hat for men.
  • A less formal "tip of the hat" than removing it is to grab the brim and slightly pull down.
  • Accompanied by a smile and a nod, it's okay to barely lift your hat from your head just a bit during introductions (rather than lifting it off your head completely).
  • Hold your hat in your hand, when you remove it, so that the interlining isn't viewed by others.

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