A Rookie's Guide to Headwear

Posted on April 16 2019

One important aspect of streetwear has always been the correct hat or headwear. They go hand-in-hand. Your cap, beanie, or bandanna are of the utmost importance and possibly your most essential accessory (they are pretty much tied with the right shoes for top spot).

What's the big deal about your headwear?

A Rookie's Guide to Headwear

The Importance of Headwear in Streetwear

Without your headwear, your outfit would not be complete in its portrayal of a certain texture or color scheme. Your hat is always visible, no matter where you are or what you're doing. You may end up covering your cool graphic tees with lots of layers, but no matter how many layers are going on, the visibility of your headwear never changes. Attention always moves toward your hat, and therefore, your face. If you want to make an impression on someone, the right hat is indispensable.

Types of Headwear

The main types of caps that you will find worn by individuals sporting the streetwear look consist of the following:

  • Dad Hats – these caps are hit or miss. Too many of them are played out and stupid. Fortunately, there are a number of really decent ones out there. To be on the safe side, go for big sized, classic logos like Armed Forces and NASA. Interesting but simplicity is the key.
  • Snapbacks – when it comes to these caps, it can also be hit or miss. Supreme and Bape brands are safe bets. The worst looking hats are just too heavily played out, just like the Dad Hats.
  • Fitted Caps – in some cases, this can take the place of your six panel cap, depending on the brand. Unfortunately, they can frequently be too "meme-ly", crowded, or busy. To be safe, stick with a classic baseball team logo.
  • Six Panels (or Five Panels) – possibly the “cleanest” kind of hat. They are usually very versatile and desirable.
  • Camp – these are frequently worn by skateboarders. Some of the more popular brands are Palace and Supreme. Depending on the company, a slightly varied take on the form of the cap is achievable. This brand is basically the graphic tees of headwear.

What Should You Be Getting?

Dad Hats are a popular style of hat that has come into vogue where streetwear is concerned. These hats are made by any number of manufacturers, but Mitchell & Ness is responsible for some of the best Dad Hats on the market.

For those not familiar, this refers to a cotton or canvas cap which has a curved – but not curved too much – brim. For the particular wearer, it should be a little oversized (if you're doing it right). The exception to this rule is if you are really and truly a dad, in which case it likely fits like a glove.

Other brands that you might consider checking into are as follows:

  • Field Grade
  • New Era
  • 47 Brand
  • KBEthos
At Hat Heaven, we carry some of the biggest names in streetwear headwear. From cotton to wool caps, our headwear choices are top-of-the-line, come in numerous colors, and represent any number of professional and college teams. See our impressive selection today to find the perfect hat to up your street cred!


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