A Foolproof Guide To Styling A Baseball Cap

Posted on September 04 2020

Need the ideal finishing touch to your favorite outfit? We've got the answer – a baseball cap. Yes, you heard right. A baseball cap. These hats just don't get enough credit for how truly perfect they can be in any number of situations. To your unique style, they can add an easy level of cool that is indescribable. Whether you're going for an early morning run or trying to make it through the day without washing your hair, if you're on the go, plopping a baseball cap on your head is an easy answer.

Young man in baseball cap

Ladies, putting a ponytail through the back hole of your cap means keeping it from blowing in the wind or getting in your eyes. Just having a lousy hair day? Grab your baseball cap. Don’t worry ladies… feminine outfits and baseball caps actually do go well together!

Today, there are any number of styles that can be accompanied by a baseball cap.

Cool and Casual

If you're wearing heels, don't assume that eliminates the possibility of a baseball cap. Throw on a pair of strappy sandals, a bodysuit, and some distressed jeans with a baseball cap and you've got nothing short of a masterpiece! Blazers and leather trousers, along with other tailored pieces, also go well with dark-colored baseball caps.

Hot Time – Summer in the City

Just because you're wearing a hat on your head doesn't mean you're going to overheat in the summer. Many of today's baseball caps have a mesh fabric to allow them to breathe. The important thing here is that you're keeping the direct sun off of your head and harmful UV rays off your skin and out of your eyes. Baseball caps go great with a light jacket, espadrilles, denim cutoffs, and much more.

Stylish Travel

Baseball caps are one of the most underrated outfit accessories worn for travel. If you want to stay low-key and effortless, throwing one of these caps on your head is easy and relaxed. Wear them with skinny jeans or leggings, on hot days or cold days, and you’ll always be prepared for any climate and situation.

Whether you’re traveling for business or on a vacation getaway, you can't go wrong with a few baseball caps in your luggage and one on your head.

Street Chic

Compared to any wardrobe item, baseball caps are at least as versatile. Because athleisure and street style aren't going anywhere in a hurry, the classic Americana vibe promoted by the wearing of a baseball cap is always going to be “in”. With all the colors that hats are available in, there's one to go with every outfit and any look.

Style It – Don't Style It – But Shop at Hat Heaven

At Hat Heaven, we have caps representing a wide variety of teams, sports, cartoon characters, and more. We have solid colors, camouflage, adult hats, hats for kids, the list goes on and on. Whether you decide to style your baseball cap, wear a different one every day, curve the bill, or just wear it as is, right out of the box… purchase your next cap at Hat Heaven today!


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