6 Types Of Baseball Caps To Rock This Season

Posted on March 06 2020

As much as Americans love jeans and T-shirts, baseball, and apple pie, baseball caps rank right up there as a favorite. Part of a cultural identity, this timeless sportswear staple transcends profession, gender, age, time, and, yes, even sports.

Who wears baseball caps? Servicemen, postal workers, truck drivers, umpires, tennis players, basketball players, women, men, children, rock stars, movie stars – it may be easier to ask who doesn't wear a baseball cap? It seems that across every walk of life, suited to every person, there are baseball cap styles to match.

All of that said, let's take a look at some baseball caps that, no matter what the season, you and your friends can rock!

6 Types Of Baseball Caps To Rock This Season

The Trucker Cap

We know you’ll be shocked to hear that these caps are worn by – you guessed it – truckers. Back in the 70s, rural workers and truck drivers made these hats popular. Brands like Von Dutch were worn by actors such as Aston Kutcher in the 2000s, which hurled them into pop-culture infamy.

The Premium Cap

These stylish hats place a premium on quality fabrics and detail. From high-end brands like Vetements, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci, they are marked by a more fashion forward sensibility. Think pebbled leather black baseball hats or Stetson's chocolate brown version baseball caps.

Dad Hats

Before you even ask, yes, it's okay for moms to wear these, too. These hats focus more on function and less on form. They may be marginally oversized, have a slightly curved bill, be made of canvas or cotton, and have a low profile. If you’re looking for a fuss-free hat, this is the cap for you.

The Fitted Cap

A solid choice of hat, whether you're wearing it professionally or for fun, is the fitted cap. The fitted hat cannot be adjusted, as opposed to the following two caps. This hat should have the proper fit, so checking size charts before purchase is advisable.

Strapback Hats

Very similar to our next hat, this is almost identical but for the strap used to adjust the cap’s fit. Various materials can be used for the strap including leather, nylon, cotton, and more.

The Snapback Cap

When you see this hat, a melodic rendition of "Take me out to the ballgame…" may come to mind. If you’ve ever been to a baseball game, and even if you haven't, you probably recognize the snapback as a classic. The snapback is characterized by a structured design and flat peak. On the back of this classic style hat is a snap closure, giving the hat its name. Plastic is usually used for the snap strap, though the hat can be made from cotton, wool, or some other material.

Whether you prefer a trucker style, snapback, dad hat, or something else, Hat Heaven carries numerous designs, colors, team logos, and more. Choose from brands like KBEthos, 47 Brand, Mitchell and Ness, New Era, and more. Don't let the term "baseball cap" fool you. These hats represent other sports as well as no sport at all. Visit our website today and find your favorite style baseball cap!


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