6 Popular Baseball Cap Styles to Consider

Posted on August 07 2019

Baseball cap styles used to consist of one. That's it. Just one. You wore it or you didn't. These days, however, there are a handful styles. Some go better with certain head shapes than others. Some are more utilitarian than others, depending on why they are being worn. Some hats exude a particular type of style that makes a specific statement about who is wearing it.

Let's take a look at the general styles of baseball caps.6 Popular Baseball Cap Styles to Consider

Why Do You Wear Your Baseball Cap?

Does one particular type of baseball cap fit your personality better than another? There are a variety of reasons for wearing baseball caps. You might want to keep the hair out of your eyes. You might want to keep the sun out of your eyes. Regardless, they are easy to wear whether you’re flying off to a movie date or heading out to do a little shopping. Different occasions may be more appropriate for specific hats, and some people look better in specific hats than others. A lot, these days, is up to the wearer.

The Adjustable Cap

While that hat is on your head, you want to feel good. You want to be comfortable all day. A cap that is too tight or too loose simply won't do. That's why many cap wearers prefer the adjustable cap. Not sure what size cap someone wears? This is the perfect solution.

The Dad Cap

You’ve seen it a million times – that cozy, nicely worn looking cap. Chances are, you have one in your closet. You throw it on your head without ever giving it a second thought. This is what the hat industry refers to today, as the Dad Cap. Whereas it took you a long time to get that cap looking just the way it does, today's retail Dad Caps look that way right off the shelf.

The Trucker Cap

This is the particular type of hat that you see worn by truckers as they are rolling down the highway. Again, you've seen it over and over. It’s one of those caps that you grab on your way out the door to just throw on your head. Best of all, possibly, is the fact that you can have almost anything you want on the large front of that cap – sports logos, catchy sayings, crazy pictures, cartoon characters, or nothing at all. The back of these hats has mesh making them more comfortable and breathable.

Five Panel Hat

If you’re looking for style and versatility, look no further. When it comes to trendier looks, this is one of the more popular styles of baseball caps. It’s definitely one to have on the shelf in your closet, just in case. Five panel caps come in neutral colors, bold colors, a patterned look, and more.

Fitted Cap

As the name implies, you have to know the size of the head of the wearer for this cap to fit correctly. A hat that doesn't fit precisely simply will not be worn. As far as baseball cap popularity goes, this is one of the most popular styles in existence. Feel casual and display your favorite team’s logo on the front with this perfectly fitted headwear.

The Snapback Cap

This variety of baseball cap is the trendiest of all. They are modern and cool and, regardless of where you're going today, lend a hip vibe to your persona. Once again, the name says it all. You can adjust this hat to various sizes with a strap that snaps across the back.

At Hat Heaven, we carry numerous styles of caps by a handful of manufacturers including KBEthos, Field Grade, 47 Brand, Mitchell and Ness, and New Era. We have throwback logos, new logos, and a multitude of colors. Whether you are into Dad Hats or Snapbacks, or something else entirely, we've got you covered. Shop our impressive inventory today.


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