5 Ways To Wear Baseball Caps While Looking Your Age

Posted on December 05 2019

Baseball caps have been the topic of continuous debates. Should a man of “a certain age” still be wearing one? Or is it a fashion no-no? Does it make him look stylish, or silly? Although the fashion world has taken opposite sides for decades, many men refuse to give up their beloved baseball caps. Therefore, maybe the question should be how should a man wear a baseball cap and still look his age – not whether a man should wear one at all. Read on and decide for yourself.


Choosing a Favorite Style

Because of the wide variety of styles, it may be difficult to know the best cap to wear. Here are a few suggestions.

The snapback is a true classic. It’s called “snapback” because of how it’s sized with a snap-closure in the back of the cap. This cap has six-panel construction, a structured design, and a flat peak. It’s a favorite among hip-hop performers, hipsters, and Major League ball players.

The Trucker hat used to be more popular, but thanks to Ashton Kutcher, Von Dutch, and others, it’s fallen out of favor. But many people still enjoy wearing this mesh-paneled, high-crowned cap.

The five-panel cap is a favorite for its low-profile and rounded shape. Its roots are in skateboarding and cycling, but now has made its home in streetwear. There are thousands of imitations, so be sure to choose one of good quality so it will last and always look great.

Although it’s only recently gotten its name, the Dad cap has been around a long time. It has an unstructured body, a simple curved peak, and a faded, beat up look, making it look like something a dad would wear. It’s a good cap for beginners due to its simplicity and ease.

The premium cap is the baseball cap’s answer to becoming an adult by using luxurious materials, simple designs, and added textures. No longer just casual headgear, these caps have become a stylish accessory.

Ways to Wear Caps

During summer, baseball caps are as ubiquitous as sunscreen, picnics, and beer. To be truly fashionable, use your cap to tie together your look – choose a color that matches your shirt, shorts, or even your sandals.

Believe it or not, you can wear a baseball cap with a suit! But be sure to pair your blazer, t-shirt, khaki’s, and clean kicks with a plain cap made of denim, leather, wool tweed, or other high-end fabric.

For a casual weekend, wear a dad cap or 5-panel with jeans, a hoodie, or a logo t-shirt. Don’t look like you’re trying too hard, so skip wearing the cap backwards or sideways.

Additional Suggestions

When possible, choose simplicity over showiness. A plain cap will match everything in your closet.

Unless you’re a famous rapper, take the sticker off the brim.

Be sure your cap fits comfortably on your head, but not too tightly! Your cap should not leave a red line across your forehead.

Beware of “hat hair.” If you wear your cap all day, you may have to leave it on if it dents your coif.

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