5 Stylish Ways For Men To Rock Baseball Caps

Posted on November 04 2020

Never underestimate the power of baseball caps. They can take two ordinary individuals – who just happen to cheer for different teams – and cause all sorts of trouble between them. They are just that powerful.

Baseball caps have scads of admirers since they first appeared in 1860 on the heads of Brooklyn Excelsior's players. They are praised for characteristics like good looks and practicality. On the other hand, however, they have been referred to as tacky, puerile, and childish by others who consider themselves menswear experts. So, who’s right?

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Baseball Caps Are Here to Stay!

Attention! Today, a new lease on life has been bestowed upon the baseball cap! Thanks, in part, to mainstream fashion’s absorption of streetwear and recent athleisure trend, baseball caps are more popular now than ever! You can kick your accessory game into high gear with these widely accepted hats – when they’re styled right.

There are numerous styles of baseball caps and ways to wear them. To make your outfit work, pick the right one and wear it correctly.

Types of Hats

Certain hats look better on certain individuals. Here are your choices:

  • Luxury – This new breed of brimmed headwear was spawned by a love affair between high-fashion and streetwear.
  • Five Panel – A slightly different spin on baseball caps but stylish, nonetheless. But it’s taking somewhat of a backseat these days to the Dad Cap.
  • Unstructured – This complete invertebrate is a less common style. Often worn folded upwards, there is no stiffness to the peak or the body.
  • Dad Cap (Dad Hat) – Features include a stiff peak, and a low-profile, unstructured build. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular. (Size is adjustable).
  • Fitted – The correct size is crucial because this cap cannot be adjusted.
  • Snapback – The hat has a structured look and the front two panels are usually stiffer. This hat is adjustable size-wise.

Styling (or Rocking) Your Caps

Today's headwear accessories (baseball caps) can be worn in roughly 5 different manners:

  • Athleisure – Now a pillar of contemporary dressing, this started out as a fashion trend. Mix casual and smart pieces to pull off this look. Think knitted polos or Oxford button-down shirts (smart casual) paired with cashmere, loopback cotton, or wool fitted hoodies and streamlined track pants.
  • Minimalist – Forgo garish branding with your baseball cap and lean more toward pastel, earthy, or neutral colors. Though Five Panels will work here, a more suitable style may be the Dad Cap.
  • Streetwear – A cornerstone accessory of streetwear, the baseball cap worn here can support logos such as Gucci, Supreme, and Balenciaga. On a budget? Opt for Ralph Lauren, Carhartt, and Stussy, instead. Go with camouflage cargo pants or wide leg chinos and a coach or bomber jacket with a hoodie underneath.
  • Everyday – Take your average pedestrian outfit and inject a little texture or color with this casual accessory (baseball cap). With a logo or without, the Dad Cap is a good choice here. Nothing too bold or brash for your outfit but add a splash of excitement with a vibrant hat color.
  • Smart casual – There was a time when this was unthinkable. But today, it is completely acceptable and, in fact, preferable for many men. Steer clear of emblems and logos on your hat, however. Corduroy and suede work well with this look as well as colors such as grays, navy, and black. Think chinos or tailored trousers with a sport coat or wool over shirt coupled with a lightweight, smart jacket with a knitted polo underneath, or an Oxford button-down.

Whatever the Look – We've Got the Hat

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