5 Notable Players For The Los Angeles Dodgers

Posted on October 11 2020

Based in Los Angeles, California, the American professional baseball team known as the Dodgers play in MLB (Major League Baseball) competition as a member of the NL (National League) West division. Begun in a New York City borough – Brooklyn – they were established in 1883.


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For the start of the 1958 season, the team relocated to Los Angeles. Before moving to Dodger Stadium in 1962, they played four seasons at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. An impressive 23 National League pennants and six World Series championships have been won by the Dodgers. Numerous Rookie of the Year Award winners have come from the Dodgers, as well.

Here, we will take a look at the five top Los Angeles Dodgers of all time. That, of course, depends on whom you talk to, but these are undeniably incredible talents who played for the Dodgers.

Mike Piazza

In the history of baseball, possibly the greatest hitting catcher of all time is Mike Piazza. Including nine seasons, he had an incredible offensive production with 30 or more homers. Piazza was a low draft pick, so defied the odds when he made his way to the organization known as the Dodgers. He furthered his notoriety by achieving All-Star player status.

Duke Snider

Born in Los Angeles, California in September 1926, Duke Schneider was a lifelong athlete with extraordinary talent. In high school, he started out as a quarterback, later shifting to the Dodgers and baseball. Schneider knocked in 407 home runs throughout his 18-year career. In 1980, he became a Hall of Famer.

Don Drysdale

On a Saturday in Montréal, discovered deceased in his hotel room, former television Dodgers personality and Hall of Famer Don Drysdale was to be sorely missed. At only 56 years of age, he had suffered a heart attack. Nicknamed "Big D", the 6-foot-6 right-handed Don Drysdale played for 14 years. With a career ERA of 2.95, he compiled a record of 209-166. He played in eight major league All-Star games and five World Series.

Jackie Robinson

The MLB's first black modern era baseball player, Jackie Robinson died in 1972 in October. In 1947, with the Dodgers in Brooklyn, he made his debut. In July 1962, Robinson was inducted into the Hall of Fame. This induction gained added attention because he was the first black player to receive such an honor. In professional baseball, Jackie Robinson was instrumental in helping racial segregation come to an end.

Sandy Koufax

Possibly in all of baseball history, one of the best pitchers (if not the best) was arguably Sandy Koufax (whose name was actually Sanford). He fooled many batterers with his “heard but not seen” pitches and his long, graceful strides. So befuddling were Koufax's pitches that one might not truly know the location of the ball until it hit the catcher's glove with a slap.

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