5 Hats That Enhance Your Personal Style

Posted on January 08 2020

They say that "Clothes make the man." If that is so, hats should certainly be considered in the equation. Yet, the gentleman's chapeau is constantly coming under fire with snarky remarks and complaints (many of which are unsubstantiated, by the way). Yes, someone's always got something to say about your hat. But why is that? Jealousy? Let's face it, not everyone can wear a hat successfully. Even then, certain styles work better than others.

Here's the real truth: a man's hat is a functional accessory, versatile, appropriate for any season (keep in mind there are certain hats that fit specific seasons better than others), and the perfect way to finish off an outfit. It doesn't matter whether it's sleet, rain, snow, or sun, the addition of a hat cannot be assuaged by Mother Nature.

All of that said, let's run through several of our favorite hats and why they are such a perfect choice.



This hat is distinguishable by its adjustable back and firm, flat brim. If you have an oddly shaped head, it is far more forgiving than many other caps. Unfortunately, it has become closely associated with American streetwear – which to many is not a desirable distinction. Still, over the past year, the snapback and the dad hat (see below) have been in very close competition, trading first-place spots. Where sportswear and urban music circles are concerned, the snapback still reigns.

Dad Hats

Always ready to give the snapback firm competition is the dad hat. It is a heavyweight among hats with its surprisingly successful father-like style. The ageist title is mostly what sets this hat aside from other baseball caps. As an alternative to hair regrowth treatments, they're excellent. They're also cheap and comfortable. What more could a dad want? But dads aren’t the only ones wearing them! Cool kids and millennials have filtered the hat through pop culture and embraced it fully.

The Fedora

What might be the most confusing about this hat is the individuals who have successfully worn it. These individuals are at opposite ends of the spectrum in many cases. Take for example that creepy World of Warcraft guy and Fred Astaire. Both rock the hat, but in different manners. Though now also worn by the less stylish, it was once a classy, businessman-only style. A good Fedora will have a firm but pliable brim and be made from felt. On either side of the front it will have a "pinch" and a lengthwise crease down the crown.

This hat can still be worn successfully, but it must be worn right, and it should be a good quality hat.

The Panama Hat

Light in color and Ecuadorian in origin, the Panama hat is closely associated with tropical or seaside locales. As an accompaniment to a summer suit, it is ideal thanks to its modest weight and superior ventilation. If you're going to wear a Panama hat, however, please wear it in season. It doesn't particularly go with winter or darker autumn tones, but rather, is designed for blue skies.

So, you see, an inspired final touch to an outfit, and one that is seamlessly effortless, is the wearing of the appropriate hat. The creativity of a hat is only as limited as the person wearing it. Other hats that have their own purpose, style, and look are bucket hats, pork pie, boater hats, flat caps, newsboy caps, Trilby hats, and the bowler.

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