5 Hat Styling Tips That Will Never Go Wrong

Posted on July 10 2020

Whether it's women's accessories or men's, one attractive aspect of accessorizing is undeniably a hat. You can wear numerous hat styles, and with fashion having gone global, you won't look out of place anywhere in the world.

Whether you're having a bad hair day, it's really sunny outside, the weather has turned cold, you're going to a sports event – there are lots of practical reasons for covering your head with a hat. Today, hats are more of a fashion prop, even though their functionality is undeniable. If you just feel like being stylish, what do you do? You throw on a hat.

With a few hat styling tips, you can accentuate your clothing and give your fashionista look a twist. At least one of these hats should be in your closet.

Hat Styling Tips That Will Never Go Wrong

Get Your Woven Hat Ready

Usually made of some type of plant fiber or straw, the woven hat is casual and lightweight. It's perfect for warmer weather. Ladies, this summer, consider combining your penny loafers and Dolce and Gabbana white top with Chloe shorts and your woven hat. Or, for a great look, pair your woven hat with Jimmy Choo wedge heels and a Valentino summer dress. You can even don your woven hat with a fancy Missoni top, Chanel jeans, and blue and red espadrilles by Chanel.

A Hat with a Narrow Brim

If you're a Charlie Chaplin movie fan, you may remember the lovely ladies and their cute hats. Their ultra-feminine look was enhanced by turning down the small brim. There is no reason on earth why that look wouldn't work today, particularly if paired with a skirt suit or dress suit and pumps. In the modern fashion world, historical fashion trends repeat themselves constantly.

A Hat with a Wider Brim

Among celebrities, the wide brimmed Fedora is a favorite. For a classy look, pull it down over your forehead a bit. You might look like you're trying to avoid the paparazzi, so don't be surprised if someone asks you for an autograph! With formal outfits, a wide brimmed hat is an exquisite touch.

Ladies, consider wearing your Fedora-like hat with high heels and a lovely dress or pumps and a Valentino skirt suit. Either way, you'll be gorgeous. For a more casual look, try boots, jeans, and a shirt.

The Ever-Favorite Bucket Hat

You may have seen these on the head of hikers, tourists, people who are fishing, and more. In fashion right now, however, and in the mainstream at that, bucket hats are comfortable to wear and have a laid-back style. They're perfect for short hair or long hair. Ladies - consider pairing a bucket hat with a darling pair of Balenciaga women's boots and Cavalli shorts or Chanel jeans.

Baseball Caps

These hats are not reserved for athletes or only wearing to sporting events. For men, baseball caps are being worn practically anytime and anywhere – even at certain business functions and with suits.

They work great for casual outfits when paired as an accessory by women. Ladies, to your next casual outing, consider combining a denim jacket or colorful Gucci sweater with a single-colored baseball cap. If you pair it properly, however, you can even wear one of these hats with a skirt or dress.

Pull your ponytail through the hole in the back for fun.

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