5 Hairstyles That Look Cute Under A Baseball Cap

Posted on June 05 2020

Not sure how to style your hair today? The perfect solution could be to plop your favorite baseball cap on your head and fly out the door. Heck, that's a great choice even if you don't have any hair whatsoever! Just for the sake of argument, however, let's say that you really do want to style your hair but still love wearing baseball caps. You want something that's going to look cute underneath that cap.

5 Hairstyles That Look Cute Under A Baseball Cap

You don't have to be having a lousy hair day to wear a baseball cap. You should be able to wear one simply because you enjoy wearing them and you look fabulous in one. Below you will find a handful of hairstyles that manage to look particularly sweet underneath baseball caps.


Not every adult can pull off pigtails. It gets harder and harder as you age. If, however, you pair them with a baseball cap, you'll look more like a mature, sporty woman and less like a little girl. Let those pigtails hang straight down and braid them if you can. The longer your hair, the better.

Long and Straight

For this look, you don't have to do much else after stepping out of the shower than run a brush through your hair. Whatever is natural is perfect – whether your hair is curly or straight. You don't even have to worry if it looks a tad messy! As a matter of fact, you'll look even more casual while wearing your baseball cap if you leave it just a little bit untidy.

Ponytail Through the Back

For anyone with hair long enough to put in a ponytail, this is a relatively popular choice. There's a hole in the back of your baseball cap that looks like it was absolutely made for putting a ponytail through. Wear the ponytail relatively high upon your head, giving the entire look a bouncy quality. You can't help but look young and fun with this style.

Ponytail Lower Down

If the previous look was a little too cheerleader-like for you, you can place the ponytail below the closure of the hat, rather than up through the hole in the back. Compared to the previous style, this look is a bit more casual and can be easily changed during the day if you tire of it.

Allow A Few Strands to Escape

This is great for a hot day and works well if you like to put your hair back in a bun, braid, or a ponytail. With all of the hair stuffed up in your hat (for the most part), to frame your face nicely, let a few strands hang down.

Whether you’re feeling girly today or not, baseball caps can add the perfect accent to almost any outfit. Look cute, look sporty, look casual, look fashionable – you decide.

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