5 Effective Ways To Break In A New Baseball Cap

Posted on November 04 2020

When it comes to baseball caps, there are so many different designs and styles on the market that it can be difficult, and time-consuming, to find the perfect cap that fits both your fashion style and your needs.  Once you find one that seems like a perfect fit – metaphorically – you also have to make sure that it's a perfect fit physically as well. Plopping a hat on your head and having it fit securely is only the beginning. In order for it to feel comfortable on your head – and look amazing – it takes time to break in a new baseball cap.

Mom style baseball cap and striped dress

Sure, you can patiently wait for the hat to break itself in by wearing it every now and then and be happy with that. But with a few marginally unconventional, unique methods, you could speed up the process.

In no time at all, you can break in your baseball cap following the below-described methods.

Breaking in a Baseball Cap’s Bill

There are several methods here…

For just a slight curve:

  • Bend your cap’s bill to touch the hat’s strap (while the hat is upside down so that you can see the inside).
  • Bend the brim so that its ends touch each other while the brim is facing inside out.
  • With the brim curving inside out, leave it like that overnight in a soda can or a coffee mug.

For a more severe curve:

Method one…

  • Using a glass or a can, wrap the bill around it. To secure the brim, use a rubber band.
  • Overnight, you can then set it aside.

Method two…

  • In an inward direction, curve the brim.
  • Place the brim in a coffee mug that is not too large (the curve won't be enough) or too small (you'll have to push too hard).
  • Leave it this way overnight or for at least complete day.

Machine Washing

Using mild liquid laundry detergent, either with other hats or all by itself, throw your hat in the washing machine. Do not, however, combine it with other pieces of clothing. Using a mold in which to place your hat is recommended and only do this with washable hats. Caution: shrinkage may take place.

Breaking in Your Hat with Hot Water

Caution: make sure that the color on your cap will not fade or change in hot water.

  • In a bowl of hot water, for about one hour, leave the baseball cap.
  • Let it cool down after removal.
  • So that it's less wet, use a clean towel, dabbing the baseball cap until it's merely damp.
  • If it's not too uncomfortable, until the hat is dry, wear it on your head.

Put the Hat On and Never Take It Off!

This might be easier said than done, but no matter what you're doing, if you keep that hat on, it will break in faster. Don't worry if you sweat and it gets a bit damp. Keep it on because this will help break it in.

Want a Retro Hat With a Classic Beat Up Look?

If you don't want your cap to look new, but prefer the tattered, worn out look, here are some tips.

  • Leave your hat out in the sun to fade slightly
  • Use sandpaper on the edge of the hat and rub it around
  • Never take that hat off your head! Additionally, wash it as often as you can.

Keep in mind that you could also buy a Dad Hat, which already looks distressed.

Distressed Hats Already Broken In

At Hat Heaven, we have distressed hats referred to as Dad Hats. That doesn't mean you can't go ahead and buy a beautiful new hat and break it in to just the right level. The choice is yours. We pride ourselves on having a little something for everyone.


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