3 Things You Can Do With A New Baseball Cap

Posted on March 06 2020

Don't let that title mislead you. These are not only things that you can do with a new baseball cap, they’re things that you should do with the new baseball cap. Namely – fit it, shape it, and wear it.

Around the mid-19th century, baseball caps showed up. Around the early 20th century, they became pretty darn fashionable. Originally, the bill was meant to shield your eyes from rain or sun and the construction was from a cotton fabric. For ventilation, islets or grommets were placed around the cap and a cloth covered button was sewn on top.

Nowadays, for both women and men, baseball caps are enjoying an insanely high level of popularity. You can get your baseball cap with a side closure, as an adjustable snapback, fitted to a precise size, and more. Now let's look at what to do with that new cap of yours so that it feels and looks great.

3 Things You Can Do With A New Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap Fitting

So, what is the correct way for your baseball cap to fit? In the middle of your forehead, the bill should rest nicely, and above your ears, your cap should sit comfortably. You shouldn’t get a headache because it's too tight. But it shouldn't blow off when a little breeze pops up. Between the cap and your head, a little space should be left at the crown of the baseball cap. To wear it backward or forward, it should be easily spun on your head, with little effort. Baseball caps can be loosened or tightened marginally, but it's always best – where fitted hats are concerned – to size your head/cap as accurately as possible.

It's Time to Break That Hat In

You were probably planning on wearing your hat anyways, so this will be a breeze. But before you wear it initially, dampen it with hot water and break it in by simply plopping it on your head. Your hat will conform to the shape of your head as it dries, so don't take it off until you're sure it's no longer damp. Since you got it damp in the first place, this could be the perfect time to shape the bill in a manner that appeals to you.

How to Shape Your Cap’s Bill

Right this minute, and it could change any second, the bill of your cap should curve slightly around your face in order to be in fashion. If the bill of your hat is flatter than you'd like it to be, once again you’ll dampen it with hot water and curve it to your liking. Inside a large coffee mug, roll the bill until it fits inside. It will take the shape you desire after it dries.

If you'd like to flatten the bill of your cap a little more, dampen it in the same manner and weight it down on a flat surface with something on the lines of a water-filled, flat bottomed cooking pot.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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