3 Chic Ways to Style a Summer Hat

Posted on June 05 2020

First things first – depending on the type of hat you're referring to, a "summer hat" doesn't have to be a hat that you can only wear during the summer. It can be an everyday hat that you just decided to don during what are considered to be the summer months. With that said, let's take a look at some stunning ways in which hats can be stylized with the weather getting warmer.

 3 Chic Ways to Style a Summer Hat

Hats Today – Both Fashion and Art

With a mixture of both art and fashion, today's caps and hats are the perfect accessory. They can make a major statement, draw attention to the wearer’s face, hide imperfections, and more. Headwear battles with shoes for the most important item of clothing when it comes to street fashion. At a sporting event, they're one of the best ways to support your team. They are interchangeable with so many outfits that most people today have at least one hat or cap in their repertoire. It's no wonder celebrities and influencers have added hats and caps as staples in their wardrobe.

The Sun Hat

Traditionally speaking, the sun hat is worn in the warmer months in areas that deal with seasons and year-round in tropical climates. Depending on the style of sun hat, they can be worn by both men and women. Specifically designed to shade the shoulders and face against the sun’s rays – including the pith helmet, pressed fiber sun hats, straw hats, etc. – a number of materials can be incorporated into these hats. You can't go to a holiday resort without seeing numerous individuals donning this warm weather headwear.

Stylize your sun hat with a band of fabric around it that matches your swimsuit or outfit. Going to the beach? Wear your swimsuit under a sarong or cover-up, strap on some sandals, and you're good to go.

The Boater Hat

A huge hit in 19th century movies, you can't beat the classic glam of a boater hat. But, just because you're off the boat and on solid land doesn't mean you leave this hat behind. It lends a flirty, cute look that can take an already stunning outfit and add a bit of girlish charm. People will adore the look everywhere you go. It really stands out. To put a stylish twist on it, after you're done boating, pair it with a going out dress. A little makeup and an attractive hairstyle bring the look home. It's effortless yet sophisticated.

The Trucker Hat

While frowned upon in some circles when worn by the male persuasion, ladies, you can pull this off with hardly any effort. When you're ready to be comfortable and dressed down just a bit, the trucker hat is the perfect opportunity to let your hair relax and breathe a little. The sporty and tomboyish look provided by the hat is perfect for a day when you simply want to lay back. Try to pick one that's middle-of-the-road – not too “guy like”, but not too girly. For a sophisticated yet casual look, pair it with an oversized dress for those lazy days of summer. (If you're wearing a ponytail, feel free to thread it through the hole in the back of the hat.)

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