10 Famous MLB New Era Caps

Posted on December 05 2019

Official league of Major League Baseball caps are put out by the New Era Cap Company. Every year, millions of MLB New Era caps are sold. They are the starting point in fashion where official sports equipment is concerned. When you look at a player on a baseball card, at the ballpark, or on TV, one of the first things you notice is their baseball cap. Instantly recognizable, iconic logos have been added to many New Era caps. Many of these logos call up a specific attitude or the franchise’s history.

What are the best hats where baseball caps are concerned? According to 2011 sales, the following New Era caps are favorites:NYYankees_Navy_All_Star_Game_2019_New Era01


New York Yankees

Possibly bigger than baseball itself, the New York Yankees have a hat that is as instantly recognizable as the Big Apple. In all of baseball, these New Era caps are undeniably the most popular. No matter what color or style this logo appears on, there is no doubt what it stands for.

Atlanta Braves

With something other than stylized letters, the Atlanta baseball cap for the Atlanta Braves stands out. With iconic flare, the stylized “A” is accompanied by a Tomahawk for a unique one-of-a-kind hat.

Boston Red Sox

Instantly recognizable, the Red Sox baseball cap is proudly worn by fans – and that doesn't just apply to those living in Boston. This club boasts fans worldwide!

Cincinnati Reds

A surprise to some, this hat not only makes the list, but is in the top five! Sales may be fueled by an exciting team of young players hopefully on the brink of greatness.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles consistently offers something to be excited about, from Sandy Koufax to Clayton Kershaw and more. In all of sports, this is one of the most iconic franchises.

Chicago White Sox

Since its late 1990s debut, this has become one of the most popular baseball caps ever. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing a White Sox baseball cap through the years.

Pittsburgh Pirates

This beautiful hat may not be representative of an exceptionally winning team, but their fans love them, nonetheless. It has a subtle pop with just enough contrast and is stunning with its back black ground and iconic yellow “P”.

Philadelphia Phillies

The hottest selling baseball caps are worn by recent World Series winners, as evidenced here. But win or lose, wear your favorite team’s cap proudly.

San Francisco Giants

This hat goes with almost anything, courtesy of the San Francisco Giant cap’s dark body. Wear this to pay tribute to your favorite stars like Barry Bonds, Will Clark, Willie Mays, and more.

St. Louis Cardinals

Possibly the brightest baseball cap in the game, this was worn by the 2011 World Series Champions. It has a throwback feel with its classic lettering.

At Hat Heaven, we sell all of the above listed caps and more. We also deal in hockey, college football, NFL hats, as well as plain hats or caps with unique logos, pictures, or sayings. Look over our impressive inventory today to find your next favorite cap, be it by New Era or some other company.


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